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Monday, May 22, 2006 :::

Here's the RCAB story

Drinan got the first complaint in February, a second one rolled into her office in March. The Cardinal didn't find out until late April and immediately sought the advice of three attorneys who told him that as time marches on, two more women have come along to file complaints but, what he's doing isn't all that egregious and as a conscientious employer put it in a paper trail, give him the manual he wrote and enroll him in sensitivity classes.

This is different than the story Drinan tells - as Drinan claims that Ms. Musiker had come to the same conclusion she did.

I'm trying to get a timeline on whether this was about the time when Haddad leered and winked at the women - - but that incident wasn't taken seriously because only a half dozen people along with the President of the Hospital saw it and, therefore, it lacked credibility.

Cardinal Sean O'Malley and the Caritas Christi Board of Governors reiterate their commitment to providing a working environment free from sexual harassment.

And, as soon as somebody leaks it to the Boston Globe, they'll get right on pulling down the smoke and mirrors & get to fact finding.

As today marched forward - a fresh batch and an emergency meeting.

I'll state again, for the record, who knows if Drinan is on a crusade to purge affection off the face of the planet, if Haddad is innocent, or if he has a problem that he needs help with - - the bottom line is the duplicity and deception of the "safe environment" machinations of the RCAB.

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