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Wednesday, May 24, 2006 :::


Late yesterday, the two sides were far apart. Officials of the Catholic Archdiocese of Boston were willing to offer Haddad several months' severance pay, but Haddad's lawyers were seeking a severance package of two years' compensation that would cost the archdiocese close to $3 million, according to those with knowledge of the negotiations.

Three million???

Sure! We'll just sell another parish!

What a mess!

One of the folks O'Malley dismissed because he didn't want the facts on the table soe people could make an informed decision will be attending the new meeting:

O'Malley and the board chose a reprimand, despite being urged to dismiss Haddad by Helen G. Drinan, the Caritas senior vice president for human resources, as well as by senior church officials, who included Bishop Richard G. Lennon.

Lennon's rift with O'Malley over the issue broke into the open when the Globe reported yesterday that Lennon, O'Malley's vicar general until becoming the bishop of Cleveland last week, and his spokesman said that O'Malley removed Lennon from the Caritas board without legal authority only hours before last Thursday's meeting.

The archdiocese disputed Lennon's statement.

What gall!

The archdiocese's main job disputing truth as far as I'm concerned.

Drinan, who was disinvited from last Thursday's board meeting, has been asked to be at this evening's session.

Asked about that, Karen Schwartzman, a friend who is acting as a spokeswoman for Drinan, confirmed that Drinan expects to attend.

We ought to send her a corsage from Winstons!

Whether Haddad was smooching and harassing or whether he was an embracing fool gone awry - is beyond what really matters. What really matters is the exposure on what the problem actually is and perhaps always has been: When controversy arises, if you can put on a dog and pony show about what happened, keep people who know the truth from the process, fire people who have looked at the facts and will vote against you, and have the attorneys and public relations team lie in the public square and make the complaintants out to be fringe wingnuts - it will all go their way.

Gentelmen, forewarned is forearmed - the day is coming when the gig will be up about the whores and sexually immoral you have teaching children what touches feel good and how you got people to vote it in - despite your lack of authority to trump our Magisterium and common sense.

Batton down your hatches!

Perhaps we should invite her into the Talking about Touching negotiations!

Check this out:

According to the people involved in the discussions about Haddad's departure, the Caritas board includes several people who are friendly with Haddad and who applaud him for transforming an ailing healthcare system into one that had an operating profit last year.

Those members believe he should not be let go without a respectable amount of money.

The board is largely made up of prominent Catholic laypeople.

Let's call Helen and get her to find out the names of these people? I'm curious to know if it's the same old crew of wizards.

Anybody smell anything implicit in the following:

The cardinal, according to one adviser, was taken aback by Haddad's statement to the Globe, reported yesterday, that he ``never acted inappropriately" with the four women, even though he had accepted the reprimand for behavior that the archdiocese characterized as sexual harassment.

Sign up for: Globe Headlines e-mail | Breaking News Alerts In the statement to the Globe, Haddad said that in the Lebanese culture in which he was raised, ``hugs and kisses among men and women are not only expected, but warmly given and received."

So, in other words, the Cardinal knew all along this wasn't a case of an overly affectionate man spreading the Lebanese culture at Caritas?

The Cardinal knew Haddad was acting inappropriately and was astounded to open the Globe and find Haddad saying he was giving the women warm and expected hugs and kisses?

Even Eileen McNamental understands how to get through to the Cardinal.

Get a lawyer, ladies.

Where was the Board?

Consider: Confronted with allegations that Haddad kissed female employees on the lips, rubbed them on the back and called them late at night to ask about highly personal matters, not a single board member asked to read a 30-page report detailing the incidents, according to the reporting by Globe Spotlight chief Walter Robinson. Or asked to hear from the lawyer who investigated the complaints. No one asked to hear from Helen Drinan , Caritas's first-rate head of human resources, who wanted Haddad fired but was disinvited to the board meeting by Cardinal Sean P. O'Malley. Not one asked to hear Haddad's side of the story, either.

It's the Good Old Boys BS at is most profound and startling level.

No, they have learned nothing. If anything, they've become more entrenched in their folly and the house of cards has yet to collapse, unfortunately.

It was two years ago that the Caritas board sat passively as O'Malley fired Dr. Michael Collins as chief executive.

Another genius move initiated by Bryan Hehir.

Now it sits just as passively as O'Malley gives the board the information he chooses on Haddad's behavior.

...aside from scraping up the 3 million severence.

They said that whether Dr. Robert M. Haddad resigns or is fired as president of the Caritas Christi Health Care System depends on whether he will accept a severance package that Cardinal Sean P. O'Malley can publicly justify for someone accused of serial sexual misconduct.

The hospital system's board will meet tonight on the issue.

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