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Wednesday, May 10, 2006 :::

Good Coverage of the Swashbuckler at Notre Dame

I didn't buy Jenkins' baloney for a nanosecond.

There was no "turnaround". The man's statement characerized his glee that women were so zealous about their privates they could yell all their sexual experiences out, he welcomed a sexual freak film festival and pretended his staff doesn't have to sign and execute a fidelity Mandatum if his campus hangs Christ on the Crucifix with the word "Cathnolic" on it.

We're not dealing with a man who is in the truth.

The good news is, Jenkins has fallen from his pedastle as a darling of the orthodox. I enjoy it (as frustrating as it is) when people get all mad at me saying "there you go" when they think I'm not giving somebody a chance....and then comes the hammer!

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