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Sunday, May 07, 2006 :::

A few weeks ago, I got a few emails (which I hadn't had the time to respond to or even look into please forgive me for posting this before answering it!) which essentially said that Bryan Hehir had been working to shuffle his gay adoption agency to Fall River where the employees were being "transferred" and would continue the operation with a simple change of venue with the nod and the wink of the Archbishop.

Sure enough, there I was last night at 10PM after finishing up a beautiful day celebrating the birthdays of my two youngest with my family, had a little bonfire party for them with snacks, etc., to get a few more things done and when I went over to find the story on Fr. Murphy, there in my face, was this story.

The archdiocese has the name of the hyperlink as "catholiccharitiesadoptions.html".

BOSTON — Catholic Charities announced April 28 that in cooperation with the Massachusetts Department of Social Services (DSS), the agency will transition its adoption management services program to Child & Family Services, Inc. based in New Bedford.

Child & Family Services is the oldest and second largest adoption services agency in Massachusetts and has partnered with DSS in providing adoption management services through its Older Children and Special Needs Adoption Program for many years. Child & Family Services will establish a new office in Lawrence where services are currently provided by Merrimack Valley Catholic Charities, a community service center of Catholic Charities of Boston. Catholic Charities’ adoption staff will have the opportunity to make the transition to Child & Family Services.

My sources informed me (I still haven't had the time to check it out but it comes from good sources whom I have reason to trust) that "Child and Family Services" does homosexual and lesbian adoptions.

We chose Child & Family Services because we already collaborate with the agency in providing a number of adoption services,” said Father J. Bryan Hehir, president of Catholic Charities for the Archdiocese of Boston. “Child & Family Services is willing to absorb our staff and the caseload of waiting children and families they serve. We are confident in the agency’s ability to successfully transition our program and clients without any interruption in care. Catholic Charities is committed to ensuring that no child will be abandoned in this process.”

We are deeply appreciative to both Child & Family Services and Catholic Charities for their commitment to children and families,” said Harry Spence, commissioner of the Massachusetts Department of Social Services. “Catholic Charities is known for its work with special needs adoption placements, which would not be possible without a dedicated and talented staff. We are grateful that staff members will have the opportunity to continue their work through Child & Family Services.”

My informers asked me if there was any way we could get an investigation launched on the financial aspects of who is now paying for the services & benefits of "transferred" employees and services.

Who could keep up with the corruption? Nobody! I think our catholic appeal ought to expose what is going on with shuffle of children into the hands of safe sex sexual predators. (I have some more ideas to share about how to spend our money exposing the safe touching programs so stay tuned)

Face it. It is what it is. Let's continue to keep our money in our pockets and the financial implosion, along with the "bad luck" coming from Divine intervention will bring about the end of their empire.

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