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Friday, May 19, 2006 :::

The cuckoos feel the need to do a reconissance

No sooner had the electrons settled in place on the Web version of last week’s cover story about the dramatic and unilateral changes being imposed on the Kansas City-St. Joseph, Mo., diocese by the new bishop, Robert Finn, than calls began to come in inviting NCR (and in some cases, repeating past invitations) to visit other dioceses to do the same kind of reporting. It’s no surprise that the story resonates widely (we’ve sold out the first press run and we’re reprinting additional copies of the story to meet the demand). Catholics in many other places, in varying degrees, are experiencing the same distress over seeing distinguished programs and ministries of long standing discarded on the whim of one man, often new to the community and about whose choice as leader the community had no say.

Cheer up kiddos, their distinguished programs are circling the drain across the United States!

One of those places, of course, is Rockville Centre, N.Y., where the bishop is William Murphy. He has proven adept at avoiding any accountability for his part in the sex abuse cover-up in Boston, where he previously served under Cardinal Bernard Law, much less for his actions in Rockville Centre, where a grand jury previously issued a scathing report of the church’s handling of the scandal. The story in this week’s issue recounts efforts by that diocese’s priests to pay for a professional mediator to settle the long dispute between Murphy and Long Island Voice of the Faithful, a group Murphy won’t allow to meet on church property

Bishop Murphy is also cleaning up catechesis, taking inventory of people who are morally disordered and removing their talons from our children.

That's as safe as it gets.

and they require pastors who serve the church’s entire mission, not an ideology or a single spirituality.

BRAVO to Bishop Murphy whose putting the Catechism in the faces of his flock.

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