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Thursday, April 20, 2006 :::

The Wizards of the Wallets

''While we do have liquidity, we have little left to sell, and we are faced with substantial obligations."

Alas, God is in control.

But now, as he seeks to stabilize the archdiocese's overall financial position, he faces several looming long-term questions: whether to close more of the archdiocese's struggling parish schools, how to deal with the underenrolled seminaries, and whether to cut benefits for the growing number of retired priests.

Sounds like the savvy advice from Neil Finneran, Jack Connors Hill Holliday and Bryan Hehir are paying off.

Fascinating how the dogs will return to the vomit for more strategic advice, isn't it. God's built-in Divine strategy for imploding sour empires. They whom God plans to destroy, at first blinds their intellect.

Yesterday, O’Malley made clear the downsizing would extend to administration and to his own cabinet, which he plans to reduce to eight secretaries from 12, with a goal of having a balanced budget by fiscal year 2008.

Some of my sources have been claiming for months that the plans on the table were that Hehir would be gone by the Spring. I've not been inclined to believe that's the case - but, we'll have to see if this is the golden parachute.

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