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Sunday, April 30, 2006 :::

When you're a big mouth in the public square, your life is as challenged with opposition as it is gifted with people who share their wisdom, spirituality, love,fun,laughter, prayer, joy, friendship, guidance...etc.

It's been interesting to read other bloggers who tend to share details of their personal lives on their blogeroos.

I suppose on one hand, the readers get a much better idea of what kind of a person the blogger is, how they operate when they're not doing their shtick, etc. But, on the other hand, I wonder if the intimacy is being misdirected from the real people in their lives to the readers of their blogs. I mean, sometimes, I'll read things on blogs and and wonder what the heck so many details of their daily lives is doing on a blog...and whether the blogger has any real friends.

It's not really an intentional thing that I don't share those details...its just a time thing. There's only so many hours in the day and exposing dissent is extraneous to my real life. I do it and then there's my real life. If I'm sitting here blogging details of my personal life, there's less time to actually have one.


I'm extremely grateful for all the people across the broad spectrum of intimacy who have blessed my life in these past five years. Y'all know who you are...

Anyhoo - all this was to preface sharing a little today... my oldest is leaving the next today. She's 24 and been living at home after college. Though I'll (we all) will miss her very much, I'm really excited for her at the same time. I'm very grateful to God for giving me such a beautiful child to take care of these 24 years.

Please keep her in your prayers as she goes out on her own!

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