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Tuesday, April 11, 2006 :::

What's this spin about?

Cardinal Sean P. O'Malley has restricted the supply of priests to closed parishes occupied by protesters this Holy Week

It's not exactly the way Paulson is making it out to be. They were granted priests on Palm Sunday - Easter Sunday...just not for the whole Triduum. Just the same, it's got the goats.

Here comes the sound byte:

Spokesman Terrence C. Donilon would say only, ''It's the cardinal's hope and prayer that [the vigils] end in a prayerful manner."

We all wish pigs could fly too but they can't.

''But at this point, he was focused on other things. You can tell he's working hard, with the departure of Bishop Lennon and the reorganization, so we're pleased, and we're hoping maybe soon it will be our turn."

You can just smell the glee can't you? Are they ever pleased that Lennon is gone and if they all hold onto the seat of their pants, the path to reorganizing any lay initiative that was authentic Catholic is in the works.

''Unfortunately our repeated requests for a priest to serve during Holy Week have been denied by the cardinal," Hurley said. But, outlining a plan similar to that at other closed parishes, Hurley said, ''We will have lay-led Communion services, etc., during Holy Week."

Perhaps Paulson will cozy on up to one of the lay-lead mcmuffin services and splash the dis-graces before Christ as He's hanging from the Cross.

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