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Saturday, April 08, 2006 :::

What's happening in Sean's new 'education' initiative?

Sr. Kathleen Carr has been ousted.

If you crawl into the gutter or a bird cage and grab a Pilot you'll note that Carr says, "Change signifies growth and change is necessary within every organization. The time has come for change in leadership at the Catholic School Office,"

Cardinal Sean "wishes her well as sister moves on to serve the Church through new opportunites." Sr. Kathleen said, "Going forward I hope to further the Church's influence in education at all levels."

Here's some dirt from the moles: the Cardinal, who looked around the diocese for some fresh ideas, listened and read about Jack Connors who supports the Walter Cuenin education system and found him to be a wise individual who he wanted to head up the new education of Catholic children in the diocese. The Cardinal rounded out Jack Connors with other VOTF types and they, along with Clare Bertero (head of religious education) came to the conclusion that they want somebody to head up their intiative who is more in line with the Cueninites. They ousted Kathleen Carr (who was neither here nor there) and Clare Bertero is heading up the search for a new "lay person" who'll be appointed to take over to head up choosing new text books and programs for Catholic schools and CCD.

Anyone have any more dirt from the pig pen - please feel free to drop me an email!

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