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Wednesday, April 05, 2006 :::

Well - we're finally at the point where we can get more truth out on what's going down in Sean's schism than we can in the Pilot!

O'Malley readies a team of His Own

All the schismatics he has in place are looking forward to more of the same - they say in today's article.

As Michael Paulson relates, O'Malley has already made a few key appointments, the infamous Bryan Hehir (O'Malley's counselor on "what is truth") Terry Donilon, Shea-the Red Sox guy, Ed Saunders,Peter Meade, Neil Finnegan, Jack Connors -- and FINALLY, he's at the point where he'll add more weight to their side of the ship.

all the Cardinal's men pipe in:

''I believe that some of the things that have come from the chancery are not reflective of Cardinal Sean, and I think that by having his own team there, it can be much more reflective of the way he wants things run," Meade said. ''Cardinal O'Malley is not just an executive; he's a shepherd. But for anybody who is running a large organization, you have to be able to put people who are part of your team into key positions, and now it appears he has an opportunity to do that."

Connors agreed, saying: ''Every chief executive officer, whether they are clergy or lay, is entitled to have their own team. This is the natural order of things, and it's quite healthy."

Here's more to look forward to:

As the archdiocese weighs major changes in its school system, Sister Kathleen Carr, who has been superintendent for the last six years, announced yesterday that she plans to step down in June.

Let's see...who do you suppose they'll fill it with?

Bill Dittrick must be looking for another post in the Cabinet?

Dennis Sheehan?

I know! Joan Chissiter!!

''Lennon was the one out front, and he was taking heat for things," said O'Toole, the Boston College historian. ''But there was a sense that he had a tin political ear, and a lot of people are hoping O'Malley will choose somebody who is more attuned to what others are thinking and doing and knows how to work with them on a cooperative basis."

Two-thousand years of martydom down the drain!

O'Malley, who reportedly had a chilly relationship with Lennon, issued a congratulatory statement, saying, ''Bishop Lennon's intellect, commitment, and deep faith will be a grace and blessing for the Diocese of Cleveland."

Here's your hat, what's your hurry!

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