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Carol M. McKinley

Monday, April 17, 2006 :::

Today's story in the Globe is an interesting glimpse into the progress the GRAND DAMES of Women Church are making in the Archdiocese of Boston.

"SCITUATE -- It was an Easter Sunday service at St. Frances Xavier Cabrini church in Scituate, and it was led almost entirely by women.

Standing in front of the altar, Bonnie Mayo and Patti Litz, longtime members of the seaside church, handed out wafers and wine.

Marian MacIsaac, whose parents helped found the church four decades ago, raised her hands skyward and recited the Lord's Prayer. Karen Nawn-Fahey, who was married in the church 20 years ago, retold the story of Jesus's resurrection.

The story goes on to reveal that one of the women "introduced her telling of the resurrection as a ''reading" instead of a Gospel", another woman "delivered a ''reflection" instead of a homily" about Mary Magdalene and "other women who came to Jesus's aid."

Though Ms. MacIssac says that her parents "founded" her church, instead of Jesus Christ, she's been hijacked and misled by leaders in our diocese. Mary Jane England, who is on the track to become a GRAND DAME in the Knights of Malta (gone sour under the direction of Dennis Sheehan) is among those leaders.

While Terry Donilon spins the sound bytes that the Cardinal hopes things will all resolve peacefully, the movement of women that was/is being planned and supervised by a laicized priest, Anthony Padovano and various other groups (including Women Church and Call to Action) are moving much closer to their goals.

I put the plans on the desks of many priests and Bishops years ago, including Cardinal Law. I showed them all the meeting agenda notes, etc., from the people planning to bring an official schism from Rochester New York to Boston, some of whom had actually moved their families, transplanted here from Rochester New York and infiltrated "youth ministry" etc. in the diocese.

I learned of the planned de facto schism because one of these individuals began to worship at my parish at the time, Holy Family (Duxbury). The man came into the parish telling a similar story, he "founded his own parish" in Rochester NY and transplanted his family to the Boston area where he was going to help us all out.

"Wait until the diocese finds out who I am and what I'm doing! They'll s*** (expletive meaning defecation) their pants!", he exclaimed.

The people at Holy Family were thrilled they had such "a mover and shaker"!! They let him become a voluntary youth minister, he was teaching CCD, he was teaching RCIA, he was also a lector. Who knows when or how he found time to do his laundry.

I went to a trustworthy priest I knew in the Chancery at the time and asked whether there is a legitimate process associated with the Vatican where lay people can "found" parishes. He smelled the rat and encouraged me to get more information. I sent friends into the group to observe and prod. They attended some of the meetings, squeezed him for more info.

It turned out the "parish" this gentleman founded was "Spiritus Christi". The website speaks for itself. I went to the pastor, Monsignor Glynn, who took the man out of commission in all his ministries and I forwarded the information to Bishop Malone and Cardinal Law.

Because this individual had claimed he transplanted his family from Rochester NY to accomplish a similar mission here in the diocese, I started poking around the diocese to see if others were experiencing anything similar or whether this was an isolated incident.

After about a year of connecting with other people in the diocese, we put together what we were witnessing. We began attending lay meetings, found out how it was going to all be executed under the name "Voice of the Faithful" (which has since split into several initiatives)

We found out that Mary Jane England was working with a professor at her college (Regis) named Jan Leary (Call to Action, Massachusetts Women Church) to springboard a new movement led by "progressive thinking" women to deal with they believe caused the sexual abuse of children by priests. A brief synopsis of their their theory is that our doctrinal teachings of chastity and the discipline of celibacy causes us to sexually implode within and become pedophilic time bombs.

As we now know, the group went on to organize "conferences", brought in like-minded people to present their philosophies to the faithful who were righteously appalled at the imprudence and lack of discipline in the Roman Catholic Church to remove priests causing moral chaos which had sunk to the level of employing/deploying pedophiles.

In a Boston Globe article entitled "Rescue Mission", Ms. England herself sheds very little insight what action items she is executing in her misguided initiative to "rescue" our children. .

Ms. England's cohort, Jan Leary, also leads the "structural change committee" of the group "Voice of the Faithful. They brought in Debra Haffner, fomerly of SEICUS to teach their group what resources to bring into the Roman Catholic Church to morally molest children with he same cuckoo ideas shared by Ms. England's "rescue mission". Haffner is the author of the SEICUS/Kinsey "Religious Institute of Sexual Morality" They groomed and prepared lay leaders with their ideology to teach their sexual precepts in CCD in "safety" courses now being operated by the diocese under the counsel of Ms. England other local and national feminists on our parish levels. Ms. England's group ran a symposium called "Women, Church, Society: The Heart of the Matter".

Among the large group of well-known doctrinal and moral dissenters participating in the Conference at England's invitation included Jan Leary, Svea Fraser, Fr. Bill Kremmel (whose claims to historic liturgies include throwing garbage about the Sanctuary and shooting a gun off), Mary Calcaterra, Dorothy Concession of Women Church (a group that pretends they transubstantiate) and Mary Hunt of WATER. Hunt had the most sexually disturbing ideologies in the bunch. She and her lesbian lover Diann Nue are the cofounders WATER. (WATER is a group of Wiccans supported by the Harvard Divinity School who also mock our Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and characterize their sexual acts as ritual sacraments.)

From Mary Hunt website..."... is the co-editor, with Patricia Beattie Jung and Radhika Balakrishnan, of Good Sex: Feminist Perspectives from the World’s Religions". "She is an advisor to the Women's Ordination Conference and a part of the Clergy Advisory Committee of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice."

One of Hunt's quotes of wisdom which attracted Ms. England: "I proposed that we strive for "just good sex," as a human right, with "just" being shorthand for "justice-seeking." That way we could tie the struggle for economic and social justice to the equally important quest for sexual pleasure and safety. The suggestion evoked consideration, but human rights language is seen by some as excessively individualistic, by others as far too anthropocentric, lacking concern for animals and the earth. Nonetheless, we tried it on for size, and discovered that one size does not fit all in sexual ethics."

The Cardinals, Bishops and leaders in the Boston Chancery find Ms. England's ideology a healthy moral compass for keeping children "sexually safe". The "Committee" found a group started by Wiccans who morphed their name into the Committee for Children and they tweaked Haffner's SEICUS sexual education to shoehorn it into CCD. In other words, England is one of the individuals responsible for influencing our Cardinals and Bishops into a trajectory which has a plethora of progressive and morally malformed individuals teaching children how to discern which sexual touches are "good ones" and "safe ones", "rescuing" them with Mary Hunt's discernment.

In the April 17th article in the Globe:

''Perhaps this is the future of the church," said MacIsaac, 51, marveling at the way church members had guided the congregation through prayers and song.."

The Grand Dames are making grand strides.

The only hold up here in Boston is the cowardice of the priests who were supposed to be standing in the Sanctuary with them as they wear their robes. I'm rather amazed at the wimp out - but thus far, it appears they have. I suppose it came down to the almighty pay check and having a place to live as the cheapskates who were putting in a dollar a week for the past 40 years wouldn't provide them with the the life they're accustomed to.

For MA area residents: On Friday evening, March 21, 2003, at 7:15, Mary Jane England, MD, President of Regis College, will discuss the Commission for the Protection of Children in the Archdiocese of Boston at St. Elizabeth Seton's Church Hall, North Falmouth. All are welcome. Call for directions or further information - 508-563-5217

New Catholic reform groups at a crossroads

Two local Catholic colleges, Boston College and Regis College, are hoping to combine the energy of upset laypeople with their own academic resources to come up with ideas for change.

Regis president Mary Jane England said her school's endeavor will focus on the role of women in the church, as well as the broader issue of the role of the laity.

Mary Jane England, one of 15 members of Cardinal Bernard F. Law's Commission for the Protection of Children, which is working to improve the church's child-protection policies, said what is more important is how any procedures for dealing with priestly sexual abuse are implemented, which she said is the job of the commission.

One size does not fit all in sexual ethics. The Cardinal's Big Tent is bursting with the schismatic. While the fiddler fiddles - The Grand Dames, Boston College, the Lynches, Jack Connors and a cesspool of rabid sexual mores are formerly taking over St. Columbkille as planned.

Clare Bertero and Jack Connors are on the hunt for a schismatic-minded lay person to head up their Catholic initiative inside of the Chancery.

Incidently,'s a video of the Grand Dames in Mahoney's Diocese that we can all look forward to in 20 years.

As hard as it is to watch until the end, please do!

They're mental.

If you check out the archived bulletins at the schismatic "Spiritus Christi"
you'll find Bowers and Cuenin visiting the Church and telling them how their plans are coming along - - and another notice later saying the priests contacted them again and told them that essentially Boston priests are moving forward.

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