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Saturday, April 01, 2006 :::

The schismatics opened up a bookstore in the North End:

am forwarding this message I received. Obviously, the
opening of a bookstore would not warrant a notice.
HOWEVER, this one ties into the present crisis in the
Catholic Church. While the officially sanctioned
("indult") Latin Mass, at Holy Trinity (German)
Catholic Church, in the South End is under attack and
threat of expulsion by the Archdiocese, other groups
which advocate a Latin Mass that is NOT in communion
with Rome are moving in to lure Catholics disaffected
with the Chancery away. Remains to be seen what the
RCAB will do to KEEP faithful Catholics in the fold.


I received this message from Denise Trias this morning
regarding a new CMRI apostolate in the North End. For
those who don't already know the CMRI (Congregatio
Mariae Reginae Immaculatae) or the Congregation of
Mary Immaculate Queen is a Sedevacantes religious
order. Their Motherhouse is at Mount Saint Michael,
Spokane, WA.

CMRI Web Site:

Given this continued challenge and presence, we must
continue to lobby for a stronger Indult community. I
suspect we may lose many people to the CMRI, if the
RCAB continues its lack luster response to the Latin
Mass community and proceeds with a least common
denominator mentality. Perhaps the increased CMRI
presence can be useful leverage in our continued
"dialogue" with the Chancery. We may consider passing
this information along to Frs. Deehan and Kickham, to
give greater credibility to the pastoral issues
previously raised.

In nomine sancto ejus,

Rob Quagan

by Denise M. Trias

BOSTON, MA- Sheehan's Church Goods Co. Inc. closed
it's doors on Chauncy Street in Boston recently and
Catholics are now wondering where they can buy
religious gifts and literature. This April, they can
stop wondering as The Fatima Marian Center is opening
it's doors in the Historic North End at 27 Thacher
Street, Boston.

The gift shop will be selling Catholic books, CD's,
videos, statues, holy cards, scapulars, rosaries,
medals and more. Two Catholic Missionary Sisters from
the west coast, Marian Sisters of Mary Immaculate
Queen, will be staffing the bookstore.

Currently, the Sisters reside in East Boston. They
promote the message of Our Lady of Fatima and the
Block Rosary, teach Adult Catholic Doctrine Classes,
visit seniors in the neighborhood and cheer up the
locals by passing out rosaries and scapulars. If you
are driving through East Boston, you might catch a
glimpse of the Sisters in their royal blue habit
walking down the sidewalk, praying their rosary and
stopping when the need calls to give a word of cheer.

The Grand Opening of The Fatima Marian Center in the
North End will be April 1st, 11a.m. to 6p.m. Stop in
and browse, visit with the Sisters and enjoy a cup of
coffee while choosing a suitable gift for any
occassion. Invite your friends and neighbors. For
more information call 1-617-561-4013.


April Fools Day - how appropriate!

I'm putting it on my calendar to get over there as much as I can and give out phamphlets on the dear, dear women dressed up in costumes..acting like they're "nuns" operating a "catholic bookstore".


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