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Friday, April 21, 2006 :::

New rule from the Cardinal

O'Malley offered an expansive view of the Catholic Church's membership, saying that he considers people who go to church only on major occasions to still be Catholic,

We only have to go to church now on major occasions.

The short of the article is - He went over to Morrissey Boulevard with nine people (a humble friar trimming his staff due to monetary woes) because it's his job to "reach out" (just ask anyone who's sent a letter or made a phone call). There's no ethical code for who operates ministries for lay people (one of the wizards reminded Paulson that even Jack Connors (who supports the sexual ideology of Walter Cuenin) is now in charge of the formation of children). He has Neil Finneran looking for a nun to fill the post of Chancellor (perhaps Joan Chissiter is available?) and last but not least, their going to cut the bare bones housing & health care benefits for priests due to the mysterious disappearance of all the pension funds in an effort to take care of them.

There were two upsides of the article.

No Bryan Hehir among the nine and their new motto, ''Sometimes even a blind pig finds an acorn."

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