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Thursday, April 13, 2006 :::

How'd you like the splash on the front page of the Herald today?

A tawdry TV reality show - set to debut on Easter Sunday - that asks prospective priests to choose between God and sex has infuriated local Catholics as they prepare to celebrate the holiest day of the year.

The show on the A&E national television network is called “God or the Girl,” and follows four young men as they sweat out before the cameras whether to enter the seminary or stay with their girlfriends.

One wonders what seminaries would accept a man who has exploited his sexuality and Christs Church on the television show doesn't one.

Whatdya suppose Bishop Bruskewitz would do if he saw one of these chaps moseying on in to his seminary fill out an application?

Great quote by Ray Flynn:

Former Ambassador to the Vatican Raymond L. Flynn said, “I have always been amazed at how courageous the men are that go in to the seminary. It is a heroic and dedicated pursuit to go in to the seminary especially in light of the negative media exploitation of the Catholic Church.”

Despite the cheapening of such a decision by reality TV, those seeking to become priests “do not go in to the seminary for money or career or prestige, they go in to the seminary for a love and devotion to Christ,” he said.

Rules out the three stooges in the story line doesn't it.

This was puzzling:

Victims of sexual assault by priests are outraged that the reality show mixes themes of sex and church.

Aren't these the same individuals who have been hijacking the problem with priests who mixed themes of sex in the Church to bring in programs detailing people taking their fingers and putting them onto and into children's genitalia in CCD class with Kindergartners?

“It’s a matter of cashing in.”

...she said with the half million dollars hanging out of her pocket.

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