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Sunday, April 23, 2006 :::

He's gone fishing, way, way out

The first trial begins May 1. Father Alvarez and other church employees are being sued for ignoring warning signs about two childcare workers at St. Pius X church who admitted molesting little girls.

Part of the USCCB safe environment program. Leave pervs in place saying you don't know the warning signs of trouble and teach the children to combat them.

The other case involves Father Alvarez' longtime friend, Rev. Matthew Bagert, who is accused of having pictures of naked boys on his computer. Rev. Bagert was arrested after he and Father Alvarez returned from a weekend trip together.

In 2002, Father Alvarez admitted to inappropriate contact with a middle-aged man who had sought his blessing. At the time, there were calls for Bishop Charles Grahmann to remove Father Alvarez from the cathedral, but the decision was made to let him remain.

Gee, wonder what's going on there. This is a case for Inspector Clousseau.

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