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Sunday, April 23, 2006 :::

Grab your coffee, sit down and ENJOY:Eileen McNamental is frothing at the mouth!

She sure got more out of the Globe interview than I would have expected.

Critics are welcome in the church, the cardinal said, as long as they listen and learn. The labor of religious women built the church, he said; they will never be priests. Vocations to the priesthood are in free fall, he said; more parishes will close before he shutters one of the two seminaries in the Archdiocese of Boston.

Let's just say that no one would have mistaken this for a meeting of Voice of the Faithful.

In 90 minutes of candid conversation, a relaxed O'Malley made clear that, while the church's doors are open to dissenters, its doctrine is not. ''The church's teachings go back to the time of Christ and the apostles and can't be changed," he said. Critics err when they frame gay marriage or the ordination of women as ''a justice issue." It is not ''politically correct," he said, but ''this is Christ's will for the church." End of discussion.

That's all well and good. She got the sound bytes down but missed the flaw in the Cardinal's execution.

Cheer up Eileen! He said he's open to dissenters being in charge of his initiatives. There's no litmus test. The people he's put in charge of the education initiatives - Clare Bertero, Neil Finnegan, Bryan Hehir, Jack Connors are the antithesis of accomplishing the task. The man doesn't see the difference in the outcome of putting Joan Chissiter vs. Mother Angelica in charge of leading the "end of discussion".

When he turns on EWTN, he thinks the people who've prepared their homilies and talks rich in wisdom and doctrinal fidelity, is all coinkydink. His strategic advice to Mother Angelica would be to tap Richard McBrien to do a weekly show on Humanae Vitae. He's impervious to the concept that a heretic puts together their presentation to spin the teachings of the Church. He can't sequence from inception to execution a speech on the sanctity of life prepared by Ted Kennedy and Fr. Frank Pavone - - how one sews confusion and the other achieves the desired outcome in churning out the next generation.

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