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Wednesday, April 26, 2006 :::

From Mary Ann Kreitzer:

An Invitation To All Catholic Mothers

Mothers With Hatpins. 1916: Ottawa, Canada: In a city colder than Moscow in winter, the English anti-Catholic authorities were even colder. They ordered ‘English language only’ in the Ecole Guiges expecting that if French children could not hear the Catholic faith taught in their own tongue they would lose interest. January 5, 1916: The authorities came to take control. The police, expecting trouble, ringed the school. They had heard there was going to be a demonstration. They did not have long to wait. What the policemen saw coming down the street was a mob of nineteen mothers, shoulder to shoulder, dressed in the long skirts of the day and the enormous broad-brimmed hats echoing la belle époque. The mothers advanced through the snow and slush, step by determined step. The police linked arms. When the mothers were a mere fifteen paces away, without losing a beat, they reached up, on a given signal, and withdrew from their hats those long, lethal hatpins of the day. On another signal, still moving forward, they held their poniards like bayonets in front of them. And they charged! The stupefied police broke ranks. The mothers broke through the lines, stormed the stairs, seized the school, and barricaded the doors behind them. The mothers then held the authorities at bay for days while neighbours passed food in through the window, until the new regulations were overturned, the school and curriculum were in their hands, and the Catholic faith was being once more taught in the language their children understood. They are known as ‘The Hatpin Mothers’.

* Join Mothers with Hatpins *

The Catholic mother of today needs two hatpins – information and formation.

The Catholic mother of today needs two hatpins – information and formation.

Starting Fridays, April 21 - June 23, Mothers with Hatpins will begin delivering information devoted to arming the Catholic mother for the battle ahead. You’ll learn the tactics, originating in a Chicago think-tank in the early l970’s, designed to steal the faith from your child. It will be painful. It will anger you. But at last you will understand – it was no accident.

Formation will follow starting June 24, St. Jean Batiste Day, when you will begin to step out of the wilderness and into the electronic conference, Ut Digni Efficiamur, (That we may be made worthy), where James W. Demers, author of “Children of Winter, How the classroom is murdering the innocence of your child” will deliver his conference lectures via email beginning Saturday June 24 and each of the 8 Fridays, June 30 - August 11.

We invite all Catholic Mothers to register immediately for participation in this vital

‘Catholic Mothers Boot camp’

Join ‘Mothers with Hatpins’ today by emailing your name and address to

Send your conference registration check for $40 made payable to

The Pelican Group, to Box 1193, Nipigon, Ontario, Canada, POT 2PO



During this electronic conference PGI Publishing (Pelican Group) will ask for stories from Catholic Mothers for inclusion in the book Ut Digni Efficiamur, an ‘Open Letter to Bishops’, publication date TBA. Ut Digni Efficiamur website - coming Sept. 8.

Love the name and the story.

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