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Saturday, April 08, 2006 :::

Frankly, I was surprised that Charles Radin sunk to the level of THIS insanity.

I thought he had more sense (not to mention some level of integrity)

In his homily, the priest explained that the Catholic Church of today rejects the Gospel of Judas, just as it did in the early centuries of Christianity. The main reason, he said, is that the text asserts that salvation comes through special knowledge imparted by Christ to select people during his time on earth. Catholics and many other Christians believe that salvation comes through the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Was Fr. Michael misquoted?

At least he had the sense to discredit the silliness but he appears to have left off the most important part of the theology of salvation that goes back to Adam and Eve vs. Christ and Mary. The very essense of "salvation" relies upon whether or not you believe you are the creator and author of truth - or whether you believe God is the Creator and you surrender the thoughts inside of your head to acquiese to Divinity...regardless of whether or not you "believe" that eating an apple is harmless.

We are not saved with the simple act of Christ's offering. There's a Covenant that has two sides. He did his part and we, to obtain our salvation have to do what He did. We are obedient to the rules, even if the government and the vigilantes put us do death to try to persuade us to change our shtick. Our access (and only access) to the salvation relies upon confessing the sins WE ARE TOLD are sins, resisting those temptations, and amending our lives.

If you make up your own rules - you are Adam and Eve and you'll end up banished from Paradise. The rest of us, who set aside our own thoughts, acknowledge that God makes up the rules, repent of the sins written in the Catechism as sins - take advantage of the Sacrament of Confession - amend our lives, will go to Paradise to live with Christ and Mary.

That's salvation.

''These gospels emphasize knowledge that initiates have and others do not," Michael said, recapping his homily in a telephone interview yesterday afternoon. ''Jesus made a wide-open gift of salvation to humanity. In the real Christian tradition, salvation comes through faith."

Where is this guy going with this? It's far too ambiguous.

Faith is about believing in the rules that you didn't make up inside of your head - because you "believe" in CHRIST.

Clergymen, theologians, and scholars reacted with elation, caution, and occasionally anger yesterday to the reports flooding the media -- stoked by a massive National Geographic Society public relations campaign -- that the reclaimed Gospel of Judas could, as one leading scholar put it, ''turn everything on its head.

Let's get to the rest of the story, shall we?..."head, meet our Lady's foot". The End."

Haley Robinson, a Methodist studying for a master's degree in divinity at BU, said it helps her to read documents like the Gospel of Judas that make Jesus more accessible.

''It strengthens my faith to see Jesus portrayed as more human than he is in the gospels," she said. ''It makes it lots easier for me to connect to him."

Charlie - get a hold of yourself. As a Jew, what would you say if some ding dong came along to claim that the Pharoah was really a swell fella who was nice to the Jews, Moses admired him and all that stuff about wandering the desert was hogwash?

Only the completely mentally &spiritually unstable would buy into it.

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