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Thursday, April 13, 2006 :::

Flynn, Flynn in his City of Sin

"On Tuesday night, the leader of a group of orthodox laymen called the Defenders of Church Society told about 150 people at a meeting in St. Paul that the archdiocese is violating canon law by tolerating sexual activity by gay and straight priests..."

Not to mention the flock.

This is what is missing in the Boston Men's Group:

During his impassioned two-hour speech, Pence asserted that "a fraternity of Catholic men" must confront church leaders about "a culture of deceit" that does not respect priestly celibacy and other church laws.

The leaders of the group are not willing to confront or expose what's going on in the Chancery.

Don't get me wrong, there are several men who do confront the Chancery's culture of deceit who take advantage of the speakers and prayer groups that the Men's Conference brings in - but as a shtick, the people who are leaders in the Men's Group prefer to look the other way at what this Cardinal is feeding our children in his sexual education reform.

The leaders are unwilling to admit that efforts to bring in orthodoxy to men and women while the Cardinal has aggregated people with immoral sexual ideology to teach the next generation of children that doctrinal dissent is optional and sexual touches that bring pleasure are good touches and sexual touches that are un-pleasurable are bad touches is a process that endows their discernment right and wrong choices for the rest of their lives.

Dissenters use the word "empowerment" to describe what they're doing to children in "Talking about Touching". It's an accurate word. But, the concept of empowerment is ambiguous until you expose the philosophies manifested in the people the Cardinal has chosen to "empower" the children.

Bishop Fulton Sheen describes three short cuts from the Cross:

"The first temptation of Our Blessed Lord was to become a kind of social reformer and to give bread to the multitudes in the wilderness who could find nothing there but stones...The evil spirit was saying, "Start with the primacy of economic! Forget about sin!"

The second temptation was to forget the Cross and replace it with an effortless display of power which would make it easy for everyone to believe in him....Satan was here saying "Why take the long and tedious way to win mankind through the shedding of blood, the mounting of a Cross through being despised and rejected, when You can take a short cut by performing a prodigy?"

The final assault took place on the mountaintop. It was the third attempt to divert Him from His Cross, this time by a plea for coexistence between good and evil"

The Cardinal is afflicted and has fallen to every temptation as a leader in his archdiocese.

The strategy of forming good solid priests and shoring up the orthodoxy of men and women is wonderful, but it's far less important than properly forming the discernment of the children in a spiritual battle where the principalities are governing the trajectory of the next generation.

Dissenters target children because the it's the period of formation of independence of thought from maternal and paternal guidance. It's the age of the formation of conscience, which is why the Roman Catholic Church administers the Sacraments of Confession and Holy Communion. Between the ages of 7 and 14, 15, 16, or so (depending upon the make up of the child and what's going on in their home life, etc.) the innate instinct to know right from wrong can either be watered down and confused or the instinct can be heightened so they're able to recognize which is right and which is wrong. We are supposed to spend those years as parents and a Church wisely seeking people to augment and heightend their innate awareness and teach them reasoning so that they will choose on their own in conformity with the Will of God.

Roman Catholicism uses the same concept in teaching women how to surrender and collaborate with the Will of God in bearing and giving birth to His children. All women know they ovulate but few are taught how to recognize when they're ovulating so that together with her husband, they can attempt to build an environment where those children can have the best our circumstances can provide them with. If a man and woman readying for marriage are taught the reasons why - and that sometimes the best laid plans of mice, women & men don't add up to the wisdom and plans of God and we find ourselves pregnant - a faith and love that can move mountains and a God who provides for the birdies will give us everything need - - they go into the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony armed with Grace.

This Cardinal who is setting the stage of forming the next generation of children during these precious years with the discernment Jack Connors, Mary Jane Englands, Neil Finnerans, the Lynches, Bryan Hehirs and Clare Berteros, Dennis Sheehans and Paul Garritys, John Sassanis, Paul Ritts is unacceptable.

What is also unacceptable to me are the leaders of the Men's Conference and a Presbyterate who are refusing to take a stand on what is going on up at the Chancery.

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