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Carol M. McKinley

Saturday, April 15, 2006 :::

A college professor at Northern Kentucky University encouraged her students to vandalize a pro-life display members of the campus Right to Life group set up to oppose abortion.

This is the consequence of priests like Fr. Jenkins who do the dog and pony show to avoid saying he and his staff are obedient to the Mandatum of the Roman Catholic Church.

People like Sally Jacobson and McBrien can stay on campus to sabotage and trash the authentic faith.

Not content with urging students to trash the memorial, Dr. Sally Jacobsen participated in the vandalism and was caught on camera by reporters from the student newspaper.

Bravo to the prolife students called the police and are going to press charges.

Campus police reports indicate several young women destroyed about 400 crosses from the display in the grass in front of the campus center on Wednesday evening.

Had it been 400 Star's of David, the campus would be under martial law.

Meanwhile, Northern Kentucky University President James Votruba has confirmed that Dr. Sally Jacobsen encouraged students in her British literature class to "exercise their free speech" by vandalizing the display.

Anyone call Jenkins on it?

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