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Tuesday, April 11, 2006 :::

Attorney General Thomas F. Reilly is highlighting his investigation of the clergy sex abuse scandal in his campaign for governor, and last week all but took credit for forcing Cardinal Bernard F. Law to resign in late 2002.


one of whom suggests that Reilly overstated his role. Others said they saw another sign that politicians in the Bay State are willing to take on the church, a step that once would have been political suicide in heavily Catholic Massachusetts.

What a great article for Holy Week, eh?

He's mighty proud of his guts and leadership!

Maurice T. Cunningham, a professor of government and politics at the University of Massachusetts at Boston who has written about the scandal, said that ''so many other forces were at work" that it was a ''vast overstatement" by Reilly to suggest his actions forced Law out.

Yeah - but what a publicity stunt!

It's a crock of crap that he's interested in children being sexually exploited.

This was my favorite part:

Of the effect of the subpoenas, Reilly said, they ended the archdiocese's practice of ''playing games with the records" of priests accused of sexual misconduct. ''Everything changed from that day on," he said.

He's got to be kidding!
Is this guy actually saying he believes it's all the up and up now at the Chancery?

Good one!

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