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Tuesday, April 04, 2006 :::

As I mentioned several days ago, the diocese will announce a new Vicar General for Boston most likely this morning.

The only thing I'm hearing about Erikson (?sp) is that we may have another goes along to get along on our hands (which makes sense as Lennon would at least hold onto the basics of authentic Catholicism and the relationship with Daddy-o was reduced to a no-speak many moons ago over the disaster Sean has made.

I'm not a fan of B. Lennon - but he at least had a crumb of sense.

I understand the aux Bishops will be kept a secret until the end of the week. Fr. Brian Keily was on the last list - as was schismatic the Dennis Sheehan (I don't have the stamina to refer to that man as 'father'.) The list drawn is from the pool of good old boys and more of Sean's Big Tent phenomenon (which is actually Voice of the Faithful vision). The Bryan Hehir Social Justice/moving away from the Light of Christ and into the Valley of Darkness vision.

Here's the fruit

"The clergy could open that door because the clergy had a certain moral authority," said Mr. Davis, who is chairman of Planned Parenthood's clergy advisory board but whose book is not sponsored by the group. "They balanced the moral authority of the critics."

Undermine is the word we use around these parts.

As the scrape of silverware quieted at the breakfast, the Rev. W. Stewart MacColl told the audience how a Presbyterian church in Houston that he had led and several others had worked with Planned Parenthood to start a family planning center. Protesters visited his church. Yet his 900 parishioners drove through picket lines every week to attend services. One Sunday, he and his wife, Jane, took refreshments to the protesters out of respect for their understanding of faith, he said.

Mr. MacColl said a parishioner called him the next day to comment: "That's all very well for you to say, but you don't drive to church with a 4-year-old in the back seat of your car and have to try to explain to him when a woman holds up a picture of a dead baby and screams through the window, 'Your church believes in killing babies.' "

We'll eat your stupid cupcakes but tomorrow we'll be back to remind your children of the Truth. The End.

Still, some clergy members could barely contain their outrage. "The more we are able to cultivate the capacity in every person — women and men — to make informed ethical judgments both in ourselves and our society, the more we are coming into relationship with the transcendent, with God," said the Rev. Susan Thistlethwaite, president of Chicago Theological Seminary.

The pagan god within themselves rises to the level of transcendent.


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