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Friday, March 10, 2006 :::

Who is this idiot ranting against people who are protecting Christianity?

Quite frankly,I'm ashamed to admit I have not paid attention to the details of what is happening in the 4000 year old war between the Arabs and the Jews. I just don't have the time or energy to try and figure out "who" is in the wrong and "who" is in the right. I'm just too exhausted in the warfare against Christianity & Catholicism coming right out of the Chancery in Boston.

What I do know is, Christians are being persectued over there.

That's a fact that may have nothing at all to do with the fight over the land. All I know is, there is a formal and informal attempt to keep Christians from practicing their religion. D'Hippolito even admits this in his article.

Here's what I'd like to know:

When weasels like Joseph D'Hippolito use their platforms to take pot shots at people trying to defend Christianity in a land where there is oppression, where are our men?

Jordan’s King Abdullah II has been meeting with prominent Catholic bishops from the West to solicit their help on behalf of Palestinian Christians.

Is there some kind of a problem with that?

Abdullah’s apparent compassion raises interesting questions: Why would a Muslim ruler concern himself with the suffering of Palestinian Christians – especially in territory, the West Bank, which once belonged to his nation, which effectively ceded it to the Palestinian Authority? Why not address the PA directly?

Well, Einstein, in a perfect world would that he could. There's a whole pack of folks over there that have different agendaes controlling power, and to put it mildly, they don't get along. Their objectives are in competition and have been for 4000 years.

Could it be those of us who want to avert cultural implosions even on the side of Christianity have come to the conclusion that talking all reasonable-like gets us all nowhere?

Sorta like...when we kept thinking all we had to do was show Archbishop O'Malley how putting people passing out pamphlets at public schools showing kids how saying "yes" when somebody wants to anally probe them because they'll enjoy it and advising the girls to give oral sex to the boys - would be counterproductive to fixing the problem we all have here in Boston. At some point, you realize they're really not interested in keeping the private parts of children free from touching.

At some point, you reach the pinnacle and solitic help from somewhere else.

I've got some "interesting questions" of my own about D'Hippolito.

Who is he really attacking and for what reason?

I'd like to know just exactly what his shitck is. Would somebody please enlighten me?

If this guy is a Catholic leader - lets dump him, shall we?

This is exactly the kind of idiocy and cowardice that allowed a society to run concentration camps to annialate an entire population of Jews.

Good luck to the Jews, that's all I have to say. With friends like that, who needs enemies.

Israel’s security fence in the West Bank has dramatically reduced Palestinian terror attacks. At the same time, it has generated controversy concerning water and property rights, access to churches, monasteries and schools, and property confiscation without compensation. Abdullah hopes to exploit the situation to manipulate Catholic opinion worldwide against Israel.

He actually says that just because access to places of worship, monasteries, schools and property are being affected, it shouldn't rise to the level of exposing the situation or soliticing help.

He goes on to call defending the rights of Christians in the Holy Land, a "rub", an exploitation, a manipulation - it's all a spin to him.

Sure looks to me as though his shtick is opposition to those who intercede on thwarting Christendom.

If Abdullah truly wishes to use the Catholic Church as a weapon against Israel, then he could not have done much worse in picking a more gullible group of useful confederates – especially since the late Pope John Paul II publicly condemned the security fence as an impediment to peace.

Gentelman - gird your loins will you?

Get out there in the public square and give D'Hippolito a good solid kick in the butt. Get him off his platform and send him to National Catholic Reporter with that other idiot, what's his name.

There is a war against Christianity in every parish and in every land.

Gird your loins.

Grab a pamphlet.

Take on your priest.

Take on your Bishop.

Take on the Legislature.

Take on the schools.

Take on the journalists.

Mother Agapia, head of a Russian Orthodox convent: “We’ll still have the churches … but there won’t be life – the living stones will be gone. (L)ife for the normal people is being squeezed out. They see no hope for the future for their children, and even trying to conduct daily life is becoming increasingly impossible. The Holy Land is being mutilated.”

Monsignor Pietro Lambi, the Vatican’s diplomatic representative to Israel: “It is a monument to division and to a future of conflict. It’s separating students from the schools, sick people from the centers of health, people from their places of work, faithful from their places of prayer and what is extremely important in the Palestinian society is creating a belief in family relations...and this is disrupting the basis of Palestinian culture.”

Take on FrontPage Magazine.

I don't give a rat's tail what side is right or wrong over there.

I do care about the Christian religion and the right to pass on the Deposit of Faith and heritage - in Isreal, in Palestine and up at the Chancery on Lake Street.

And, you know what smells with this article? Joseph D'Hippolito has a problem with defending the Christian religion.

Holy men and women - people like D'Hippolito are as much a threat to our security as Hitler.

The one who hands you over is guilty of the greater sin.

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