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Carol M. McKinley

Monday, March 06, 2006 :::

Subject: What in Sam Hill's going on over at Morrissey Boulevard?

Dear Maria and Michael;

I read your article on the Archbishop this morning. Quite frankly, we all find it hard to believe that after a weekend where nearly 10,000 Catholics gathered to chart the course for future of this Archdiocese listening to Fr. Corapi - you'd run an article about personal charm and the joy of spaghetti and meatballs.

Was that satire or what? You were quoting the heretics for years after 1500 of them gathered a while back.

I don't want to appear ungrateful. Thanks for your letting us know where to go to discover his endearing qualities, charm, and lack of pomposity which up until this point have been remarkably elusive to parents and priests who've spent two years trying to chase him down with the list of leaders he's put into place and their paper trails of promoting immorality to children, their philosophy of finding a child under the age of consent who makes it clear that they are being sexually seduced and instead of calling 911 and parents, telling them about condoms and emergency contraception, abortion, etc.

We'd love to have bowl of "chowda" and ask him what parishes they claim to have found pervs in - what their names are, their occupations, where they live, etc. Wasn't that the point of your entire shtick for the past four or five years? Maybe the two of you could come down to Victoria diner and report on the secretive program they put in place to replace the other secret program they had? You could call in the Globe spotlight team and have them drop a dime to Anthony Rizzutto to ask him how many pervs they claim to have caught - and how many parents know where the pervs are - what the allegations are, whether they are our children's piano teacher, soccer coach, whether they live next door to us - or to you for that matter.

There are also many priests who are falsely accused who have been trying to get some justice in the kangaroo courts up on Lake Street who, I'm sure, would be happy to grate cheese on his meatballs and have some zesty conversation.

We have some good tips on how to grasp the people that might save him some money in Harvard Square. With all due respect to Fr. Keily and Fr. O'Brien who are two solid priests who work hard to uphold the authentic teachings of the Church, the flock in Boston needs a Bishop, not a palsy walsy. We're completely disinterested in what's on his plate at the Pappa Razzi because we are most distressed at what children are being fed in every parish in the Metropolis.

With respect to the following quote:
''I'd love to see him out of the office more and around the people, because once they get to know the man, I know they'll follow him to hell and back," Kiely said..

Truth be told, Archbishop O'Malley has managed to alienate parents and Catholics who want their children kept a healthy distance from people with warped ideology, who assent to the tenets of our faith. Further, if that were true, then Peter Meade wouldn't have been splashed all over your newspapers for the last week and half saying he couldn't follow him, would he.

Those of us who aren't interested in following people to hell, are looking for a Bishop whose interested in setting out the teachings that will lead us to the other destination - and I'm not talking about Papa Razzi.

Cut the baloney, will ya?

I think we'd all prefer the Klu Klux Klan spin that is the bastion of your existence. At least that has the decency to be true to your mission.

Carol Mckinley

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