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Saturday, March 11, 2006 :::

This is shocking

U.S. bishops issue strong retort to Catholic Democrats' conscience statement

Even the USCCB didn't swallow Eric McFadden's Partisan ProAbort Publicity Stunt.

Not only that - but they issued a statement of their own in response to it...

Their 682-word document was a direct response to the 55 of 73 Catholic House Democrats’ statement last month that said while they seek the Church’s guidance on moral issues, they also believe “in the primacy of conscience” that can lead them to dissent from the Church’s position.

That doesn't work when your conscience is a cesspool of human waste.

The teaching of the Church, they said, “calls all Catholics to work actively to restrain, restrict and bring to an end the destruction of human life.”

Were Baaaaaaaaaaack!

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