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Sunday, March 12, 2006 :::

There is a morning after

Charities' decision leaves Catholics torn
By Michael Levenson, Globe Staff

It's a bummer we all faced at one time or another....finding out the teachings of the Church are not friable and had to take Her or leave Her.

As a Catholic who believes that gays should be allowed to adopt, she was upset that leaders of her church had decreed otherwise. And now, she said, she's not sure she can raise her children as Catholics.

Up until this point in time, she's been sitting in the pews thinking the decrees of heretical leaders in her parish and the lack of presbyteral fortitude to teach the Catechism was some kind of a grooming of our religion that she could tolerate.

Like parents who tell their children not to drink, but throw booze parties for teenagers in town - the constructive permission that our people have been seeing for decades has hit them between the eyes.

Priests and Bishops have been writing their own Prodigal parables. Keep the children in the house and incorporate whoring and boozing into the schematics of sanctity of the holy family.

At least now, she now knows what the Church intends to teach in perpetuity.

Others expressed dismay that Catholic Charities, the archdiocese's charitable arm, was unable to bridge the gap between Vatican doctrine and the advances gays have made in civil society.

"Briding the gap", technically called "formal schism" has been declared a failure by the Boston Globe. Two-thousand years later, and doggone it, Catholics still won't join "civilized" society.

''It's kind of hypocritical, what's going on in the Catholic Church, for them to dictate who can and can't have a family," he said.

Don't shoot the messenger, God dictates that.

Leave it to the Globe to know just where to go to find sound bytes they can exploit. They mosied on down to Florian Booze it up Hall, where the thick Mick Democrats were throwing a party for Ted Kennedy. It's amazing they found anyone sober enough to talk.

''They've lost sight of what's really important here," Reilly said. ''They've lost sight of the mission, as I understand it, of Catholic Charities and of my church.."

Reilly's church has lost it's mission.

Looks like Levenson hopped in his car drove to another Booze Palace...

The agency's decision was remarkable for the churning distress it provoked among Catholics on both sides of the divide over gay adoptions. Some, like Veronica Donovan, 72, owner of Donovan's Village Tavern on Dorchester Avenue in Dorchester, said they felt forced into a conflict between the gay families they see around them and the faith they have in church teachings.

''The children that I know who are adopted by gays, they're doing fine," Donovan said. ''So I have mixed emotions because, in my head, I'm a true Catholic. It's kind of pulling me both ways."

Head, meet the Catechism.

Here's a puzzle:

Bob Frazer, 70, a former telephone company worker who had come to the Kennedy rally after a Mass yesterday, was happy about Catholic Charities' decision. ''It's the right thing to do," Frazer said. ''When a child is born, it should have a male and female as his parents. That's the way it's written."

He faulted society for forcing the church to abandon adoptions.

''It's the culture today," he said. ''They want to turn against all that is good."

A catholic attending a Kennedy rally? Something stinks. It's one thing to wholeheartedly invoke the teachings of the church and apply it to the issues "civil society" is trying to enforce on us - - it's another to be a prochoice bigot using the teachings of the church have for deep-seeded hatred for people saddled with homosexual temptations.

Nobody in their right mind who is an authentic Catholic would even vote for Kennedy much less attend a "rally" for him. It puts you in a state of mortal sin. It appears this man is taking the Blessed Sacrament sacreligiosly and acting all pious in the press.

Paul Nevins, 61, a West Roxbury lawyer who was at Kennedy's rally, was having less difficulty with the issue. He called it ''stupefying" and ''mean-spirited"

>(Pardon this interlude - but do you think anyone under the age of 60 attended the Kennedy rally?)

Educated in Catholic schools in Boston, Nevins wondered if the Catholic Church would survive. ''Perhaps they can survive this generation, given their endowments, but they're going to be dead the next generation," Nevins said. ''They've made a decision -- institution over laity."

I'm telling you, this is the best thing since sliced bread.

Having said that - - there are very strong sentiments that this thing should continue on the SJC level.

I agree.

One commenter here put it well - society will not tolerate our doing social work our unless we acquiesce - and what is next. This can't stand in the public square the way it is in the public square.

You know those 5200 men? A good number of those folks must be lawyers.

Here's my input - perhaps Christefideles should put a network of people together to hammer Hehir for a meeting and lay out a plan to file with the SJC. Get Romney to back it in the public square. Call it...something like "Practing Catholics want to do social work too". Get some traction moving, make a big stinkeroo while this is hot, engage the feminists (Egan, McNamental, et al) to give you free publicity, get a couple of legislators to file, let them not act on it, move it forward in the SJC?

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