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Carol M. McKinley

Friday, March 10, 2006 :::

Skylstad gets a good dose of the poison he's passing out to every parish in the U.S.

It's now to take him out of commission for five, six, seven years and tell him to say nothing to the press to defend himself while the newspapers get quotes from the other side, give him a useless/spineless good old boy in the pretense he's getting his constitutional and canonical due process, pay the woman 1/2 million dollars and bring in Planned Parenthood to tell kindergartners what feels good when you touch it, don't tell your parents, where to go for condoms and where to go if the condoms don't work.

Check this out:

It is unclear under the reforms American bishops adopted in 2002 for responding to abuse claims whether Skylstad should temporarily step down while his case is being investigated.

Suddenly, everyone has a dose of amenesia.

The policy requires Catholic officials to determine whether there is “sufficient evidence” supporting the allegations against a cleric before they take him out of public ministry while a full review is conducted under Vatican oversight.

"Sufficient evidence" my eye.

Run his picture in the newspapers and have every mother of mentally disturbed children ask the child if this man touched his private parts.

That's what constitutes suffient evidence around Boston.

What's good enough for the goose, is good enough for the gander.

Somewhere along the line, even the Attorney General won't touch the case but the women will get a huge pay off and a statement from Skylstad's replacement saying how sorry everyone is that it all happened.

Quite frankly, I hope they all fall like dominos to the system they put in place for priests and parents.

Pity too, as Sklystad heads up the USCCB Planned Parenthood Education Office. The feminists will have to work to get the new man on board their bus, which might, shall we say, have a different odor.

Carry on kiddos!

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