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Wednesday, March 01, 2006 :::

Ready for a Pity Party?

"It is with regret that we have submitted our resignations as Board members
of Catholic Charities today.

We are resigning because we are deeply troubled by the course set out in the
Massachusetts Catholic Conference of Bishops' statement yesterday. We
believe it is essential that Catholic Charities continue to put the needs of
children first and feel that the proposed policy undermines our moral
priority of helping vulnerable children find loving homes.

We also cannot participate in an effort to pursue legal permission to
discriminate against Massachusetts citizens who want to play their part in
building strong families.
Moreover, seeking an exemption to the state's non- discrimination clause
represents a profound disrespect for those same-sex families with whom the
agency has placed children.

Finally, we believe that the statement issued by the state's Bishops
undermines the Board's ability to effectively set policy for the

We applaud the extraordinary work of Catholic Charities'
executive director and staff, and we regret the clinical and
moral dilemma the Bishops' action has caused for them.
Catholic Charities has a long and proud history of serving
our neediest citizens without exception. The course the
Bishops have charted threatens the very essence of our
Christian mission. For the sake of the poor we serve, we
pray they will reconsider."

Geri Denterlein, President, Denterlein Worldwide Public

Donna Gittens, CEO, causemedia

Paul LaCamera, General Manager, The WBUR Group

Brian Leary, Partner, Gadsby Hannah

Peter Meade, Executive Vice President, Blue Cross Blue
Shield of Massachusetts

Colette Phillips, President and CEO, Colette Phillips

Micho Spring, Chairman, Weber Shandwick New England

No Hehir yet, but it's very close kiddos, very close.

Stay tuned!

p.s. - Romney caved too eh?

Bob Novak's littl blurb paid off!

More later - holy and healthy Ash Wednesday!

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