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Carol M. McKinley

Sunday, March 05, 2006 :::

Readers have confirmed that there was a total news blackout by the Globe on the 5000 men who gathered for a Catholic Conference in Boston.

I can't remember in their hey day how many Voice of the Schismatics got at their Conference - but if memory serves me correctly, it was less than 2000? The Globe driveled on for years about that conference about how there was a new power in town.

You know what's irritating about Bishop O'Malley's spin? He makes the authentic teachings hateful acts. As in, even a Cardinal can'd do anything about the disorder in the Catechism when the mean old men at the Holy see come down with an edict.

If anything that only makes the confused resent the Truths of Christ's Church.

Anyhoo - it doesn't escape Joan Venocchi.

"Should Liberal's Leave the Catholic Church?"

She finally says it out loud. If you believe in the teachings, tenets and principles of the Roman Catholic Church, according to the Vatican, you are in good standing and if you don't, you're not.

Liberals raised as Catholics refuse to accept this reality. We think we can be prochoice, pro-gay marriage , pro-gay adoption, and in favor of married and female priests and still call ourselves Catholic. The people who make the rules say we don't meet the criteria.

Just when you think you're Catholic, Amish or an austronaut, somebody who makes the rules comes along to tell you that you don't meet the criteria.

''I know a lot of Catholics, gay and straight," said O'Connell, a lesbian mother of a 5-year-old daughter. ''Everyone continues to go to church and act like their parish is not part of all of this -- the sexual scandal, the association to the Vatican and its stand on gay adoption. Everyone who believes that is in a state of denial."

''It's time to find a new path," she said.

O'Connell said the church is doing the expected -- enforcing its rules.

Catholics who don't agree with church doctrine are doing the unexpected -- sticking around where they are unwelcome, rather than moving on.

As long as you don't stand up in the pews and denounce what we're all about in front of our children - we're actually quite a welcoming bunch.

Liberals view the Catholic Charities controversy in Boston as a watershed moment, signaling a church hierarchy out of touch with ordinary Catholics. But the resignations in Boston, while laudable to fellow liberals, do not ruffle Rome nor Catholics who accept the rules. They are welcome.

Welcome, elated, relieved that we maybe we can finally teach, preach, practice our religion, recruit people in the public square to our way of living, with eight less obstacles - hopefully more.

Conservative Catholics hold the power, not just in Rome but in the United States. When mobilized against abortion and gay marriage, they are a potent political force.

Blackout, schmackout. We are a potent political force. When the day is done, and what's going on is exposed - the pillars standing on sand crumble.

Kiddos, just when you think the whistle has blown on the fourth quarter and the game is over, they ask the question again:

Will liberals in America ever get the message?

Call me intuitive - but me thinks Bryan Hehir, Peter Meade and Paul LaCamera got the message. For all those who didn't get it yet - the next 10 years we'll say it louder and stronger than we ever have before.

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