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Saturday, March 18, 2006 :::

The Men's Conference, as far as I'm concerned, is just another group of sheisters.

I told you I had a problem with how they were hooking in Sean as if he was on the up and up, and it would only be a short amount of time before they were selling the schism in an effort to be "nice" inside Sean's Big Tent:

Here's the agenda - - and for starters, the schismatic wingnuts from Our Lady Help of Christians are part and parcel of the shtick:

Moving Towards the Light:
Bringing Justice and Peace to Life in our Parishes


12:30 - Arrival and Registration
1:15 - Opening and Introduction
1:30 - Keynote Address: Rev. Bryan Hehir
2:30- Workshops - Session I
3:30- Collation Break
4:00- Workshops - Session II
5:00- Reflection and Closing Prayer
6:00- Adjourn


The Campaign for Human Development
The Labor Guild
Catholic Charities
Ethnic Apostolate
Family Life Office
Office for Black Catholics
Office for Pastoral Ministries
Office for Persons with Disabilities
Office for Planning and Research
Office of Religious Education
The St.Vincent Palotti Center

Our thanks to Boston College High School
for their gracious hospitality!


A - The JustFAITH Program Room M-101
Introducing a very user-friendly formational program in Catholic social teaching for parishes based on the process of the RCIA. JustFAITH utilizes small faith communities, hands-on experience, prayer and spiritual formation, books, videos and guest speakers.
Jan Denney, Director, Catholic Charities, Diocese of Springfield

B - Welcoming the Stranger: the Question of Immigration Room M-102
What are the root causes of immigration? How do we as Catholic Christians participate in the national debate and respond? How should parishes be involved?
Marjean Pershot, Director of Immigration Policy, Catholic Charities, Archdiocese of Boston

C - Parish Social Justice Committees Room M-103
A panel discussion by experienced parishioners and staff. Learn how to start a social justice committee in your parish or school, what role they play in the structure of the parish, the challenges to starting and sustaining them, and the gifts they can bring to the parish and the larger community.
Facilitator: Kate Carter, M.A., Pastoral Associate

D - Advocacy and Social Justice Resources Room M-112
How does government work at the state and federal level? How do individuals and organizations get involved? What are the available resources in the public and church domain?
Daniel Avila, Associate Director, Massachusetts Catholic Conference

E - Incorporating Social Justice in Parish Life Room M-113
Come reflect on the ways in which social justice can become a constitutive dimension of all parish activities: liturgy, sacramental preparation, catechesis, adult faith formation, young adult ministries, social outreach, etc. The workshop will follow the model offered by the US Catholic Bishops in "Communities of Salt and Light: Reflections on the Social Mission of the Parish."
Rachel Keeler, M.Div.; Melisa Melnyk, M.T.S., D.R.E., St. Patrick's Parish, Natick

F - Catholic Social Teaching 101 Room M-114
A primer on the historical development of Catholic Social Teaching. Included in the discussion will be pertinent writings of the U.S. Catholic Bishops and the historical interaction of doctrine and social action.
Rev. Thomas Massaro, S.J., Professor, Weston Jesuit School of Theology

G - Social Justice and Family Life Room A - 201
How do we “bring it home”? How can families make decisions regarding time and money, involvement in the community, etc. that reflect Gospel values of love, mercy, reconciliation, simplicity?
Bernie Swain, Ph.D., Theologian, Pastoral Consultant

H - The Spirituality of Justice Room A - 205
How does a commitment to social justice find a rootedness in our spiritual and prayer life?
Nancy Small, M.Div., Director, Center for Spiritual Direction, Holyoke

J - Work and Social Justice Room A - 206
Come and explore the dynamics of the workplace; the rights and duties of employers and employees; the legal framework of employment law; family and work relationships; the link to the labor movement and the goal of a full employment society.
Rev. Ed Boyle, S.J., Director, The Labor Guild, Archdiocese of Boston

K - Social Justice and Other Faith Traditions Room A - 207
How is Catholic social teaching reflected in other faith traditions? How can the Church collaborate with Temple and Mosque to bring about peace and justice?
Facilitator: Rev, Robert McMillan, S.J., Director, Office for Planning, Archdiocese of Boston

Run a google on some of these folks and see what you come up with.

It's a disgrace.

A friend writes that there are some fascinating quotes from Hehir in the Pilot:

He says, "Catholic Charities is not supporting the governor's bill" asking for an exemption from the non-discrimination regulation. Why? He and other Board members were concerned seeking an exemption could threaten "could threaten the rest of the programs over time," including their management and funding. Would be nice if there was a threat to their management, wouldn't it? He also says they are not seeking help from the courts, since it's a "long process with inconclusive prospects." Oh, that means it's difficult, so we'll skip it? Have a good weekend!

It's raining men, allelluia it's raining men.


When you fellas get done patting yourselves on the back for how holy you all are - would you have a moment to protect the women and children or shall we learn how to protect ourselves at the Chancery, the State House while you're out on retreats with the Men's Conference?

Grow spines gentelmen, won't you?

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