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Friday, March 24, 2006 :::

Lots in the Globe today kiddos...

Before I post the stories in the Klu Klux Klan media outlet - did everyone read the article in the Boston Herald yesterday saying that the Globe's advertisers are pulling out in droves? To the point where it's nearly the worst in the history of the newspaper business? That they'll be layoffs on Morrissey Boulevard?

Could that explain the sudden publicity operation of following O'Malley around and trying to sell the Chancery as the next best thing to M & Ms?

Here's an article on Romney trying to woo Catholics

But Romney's visit, according to scholars of religion and politics, reflects two realities: the ongoing importance of Catholicism in Massachusetts and the rising importance of Catholics in presidential elections.

Not to mention selling newspapers.

Isn't knocking out Catholics for Free Choice/Eric McFadden/ shtick going to be fun?

''I've met him a couple of times -- don't know him well -- but he's always been very gracious," O'Malley said. ''I think that it's an honor for the church that the governor would be a part of this."

See? There's honor in humility after all.

The only Catholic in Town who is a know nothing about the prochoice governor is the new Cardinal.

Good times ahead.

Romney lost the Catholic vote long ago. The game is over.

If that isn't bizarre enough - mosey on over to Paulson's blog

Is that not FREAKY??

Hold onto your lunch and scroll down to the post on Our Lady Help of Christians.

There's lots of things going down I don't blog as it's beneficial for Christ's Church not to reveal it, sometimes never to reveal it.

Since the Kilroy cat is now out of the bag, I can tell you that this move is one that was fought at the Chancery and it took nearly six months for them to move him. They're putting in Sassani - who is a VOTFer priest, milque toast, blah, bland, coward who will let Larry Kesller and the clan move the schism forward at Our Lady Help of Christians.

Paulson Agrees:

UPDATE (Friday afternoon from Rome): I'm now told there will be a team ministry at the parish, and that one of the two priests will be the Rev. John E. Sassani, who has been the administrator at St. Theresa Church in Sherborn, and director of the office of spiritual development at the archdiocese. I know him, and he is a bright, clear, and pastoral priest; he had served as the archdiocese's liaison to the folks who have been occupying St. Anselm Church in Sudbury and from what I hear was well-received there. Still waiting for confirmation/elaboration from the archdiocese, the name of the other priest, and reaction from Newton.

Good Old Sean and the Boston Globe - your new best friends.

Antonionionionio reveals what the rest of us could tell about the ideas floating around in head:

For nearly a decade, state Senator Robert A. Antonioni was willing to do almost anything to hide the fact that he was depressed. Now, he is speaking out about it, to residents in his Central Massachusetts district, to television reporters, and next week on the airwaves, in a public service announcement in which he declares, ''I have a mental illness."

The tragedy is, the man could well be spiritually being attacked while the priests walk by him telling him what a swell fella Christ and the Catechism for Ruthie's sake.

Ellen Goodfornothing insults Christ and the Catechism for Ruthie's sake.
Did I mention that Ruthie has two daddies, something her toddler cousins take for granted? Did I mention that Ruthie's birth mother chose this couple to raise her, picking these two men from all the dossiers at the adoption agency?

Here's a story about a child with two mommies who wouldn't call one of them daddyFour-year-old Jandre Botha disobeyed an order to call his mother's lesbian lover "Daddy''.

So the lover, Engeline de Nysschen (33), viciously assaulted Jandre while demanding that he must call her "Daddy".

Jandre died from his injuries, which trauma expert Professor Mohammed Dada said were similar to those of a person who had fallen from a double-storey building.

We won't be reading this in the Globe anytime soon.

Both testified that while Jandre was assaulted, his mother failed to intervene or protect him. Evidence showed he had sustained horrific injuries, including a fractured skull and brain damage, as well as broken legs, collarbone, hands and pelvis.

Last but not least - what those of us who don't have our heads up our butts have been saying for the last decade - we are very concerned that children in poverty striken areas are getting the short end of the stick on education.

No money or good teachers for you - the illegals need their children educated!

I have a fabulous idea - why don't we let the bleeding hearts defer some of their social security for all the illegals and let the rest of us take care of the Americans?

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