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Wednesday, March 15, 2006 :::

Holy, Holy, Holy men are promoting Bryan Hehir:

Followup Activities
March 14, 2006
Newsletter Details
-- Please take our Conference Survey
-- Conference Photos are Available!
-- Conference Recording Order Forms are Online
-- Father Corapi's Recordings are Available on His Website.
-- Thank you to our 200 Priests Present on Saturday
-- Consider Attending the Worcester Catholic Men's Conference on Sat. April 1.
-- Social Justice Conference on Sunday March 19.
-- August 12 - Proud2BCatholic Music Festival
-- The Pilot writes cover story article on the Conferences.
-- The Pilot writes Editorial about the Conferences.
-- The Pilot publishes Archbishop Sean's Homily from the Conference Mass.
-- The Anchor covers the Conferences.
-- Boston City Paper Covers the Conference.
-- Thank You for Delivering!
-- Let us pray for each other!

Social Justice Conference on Sunday March 19.
The Boston Archdiocese will sponsor a Social Justice Conference, "Moving Toward the Light: Bringing Justice and Peace to Life in Our Parishes", on Sunday March 19, 1-6 pm at Boston College High School, 150 Morrissey Blvd. Boston. This inaugural justice conference will feature noted moral theologian, Rev. Bryan Hehir, Director of Catholic Charities, as keynote speaker and eleven workshops on various aspects of this important subject.

The aim of this conference is to spur the formation of Social Justice Organizations at the parish level. For information and registration: The Labor Guild, 781 340 7887ph, Or Office of Religious Education 617 746-5863,

They won't take a stand to promote protecting the education of children, but will promote Hehir in our faces?

What happened to surrender is not an option?

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