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Saturday, March 11, 2006 :::

Here's Marianne Duddy on the front page of the Herald hugging her adopted daughter.

I tried to find the picture of Marianne in vestments where she is pretending she is a priest and mocking the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass - but I don't have the time.

Here's the Herald's story:

See how it's spun?

The heading says Catholic Charities "Caves" - as though there they all were holding up their schismatic doctrinal fortress and here we are today - their fortress collapsed.

It's absolutely immoral for bishops to have sacrificed our children's lives and stability for the stability of adultery. Caring for vulnerable Catholics is so much the core of what Catholic Charities does. I can only imagine what pressure Call to Action and Dignity brought to bear for the last 30 years on our religion.

In December, the Herald reported that a top church official in Washington had urged O’Malley to insist that Catholic Charities either stop the practice or pull out of the adoption business altogether.

The Globe was fun today too

Paulson has some interesting observations

The decision yesterday by the state's largest religious denomination to end its century-old adoption program illustrates a dramatic and intensifying clash between church and state, as Beacon Hill and the Vatican move in opposite directions on a wide variety of social policies, including not only homosexuality, but also abortion, bioethics, and emergency contraception.

As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be.

The whole spin is about the "rift" with folks who want to follow the impulses of their genitalia and are dissatisfied with what the Catechism tells us to confess as sinful:

and in the Catholic Church, where dissatisfaction with church teachings has caused a major rift between laypeople and bishops.

They're still insisting the small group of disgruntled laypeople they quote are representative of what the "rift" is all about.

What about the 10,000 people who held a Conference last week practicing our authentic religion which the Bishops and priests of Boston have been obsfucating and oppressing to please the handful the Globe and Herald keep quoting?

"And the inability of the state and the church to find a way out is the latest, but likely not the last, example of the complex challenges"

They can bet their sweet bippie it's not the last. Next up: Emergency Contraception.

As I've said before and I'll say it again - Catholic Charities was our first territory to take back from the pagan squatters and plant the Crucifix in the public square.

Here's another story from the Globe:

We've administered the stun gun

Eight of the 42 board members quit in protest, saying the agency should welcome gays as adoptive parents.

That day, Hehir and O'Malley met with Romney in his State House office to make their case for an exemption, but Romney said he lacked the authority to do so. Hehir and O'Malley left the State House feeling that nothing could be done soon for their cause. The bishops had considered launching a court challenge, but Hehir said he and O'Malley realized it would cost ''too much time and energy" -- without any certainty of victory.

Time, money, energy - and the end result would be what...a piece in the Boston Globe saying that Margaret Marshall and the Massachusetts Legislature took the stun gun to Catholics?

Surely, this is the lesser of two evils.

Fascinating how Hehir has his own little spin going - he and the Cardinal designate are crusaders for the rights of authentic Catholics.

It leaves quite a narrow scope for fundamental programs and appointments necessary to pull off their objectives.

This is quite an about face because it's going to alienate the non-Catholics and anti-Catholics who've been the pillars of their movement to overthrow Rome for the counsel of lay people.

And there's a special perk:

After that, Hehir said he visited two of the agency's offices in Boston and Lawrence to tell adoption staff that its services would be over by the end of the fiscal year. Currently, the agency has 15 full-time adoption workers who will need to find new jobs.

Fifteen less people who have been oppressing our religion from our children.

''It's a defeat for religious freedom," said C.J. Doyle, executive director of the Catholic Action League, a conservative Catholic advocacy group. ''Not only does the church and society suffer, but the church is allowing itself to be marginalized."

I don't disagree that we are allowing ourselves to be marginalized, but is it really a defeat for religious freedom? I find it to be an hour of victory, vindication and freedom.

It's been a farce.

While the MCC is up at the State House trying to stop Alice Wolfe from infiltrating the minds of Catholic children in public schools and they're supporting "opt in" - - the Bishops have comprehensive sexual education by the same people they are fighting up at the State House right in our local parishes - and they are spinning out public Planned Parenthood statements sanctifying Larry Kessler and the Vagina Monolgue CCD educational programs. No opt in's opt out.

It's duplicitous.

It's time to take control of our own - and let Paulson and the Globe give us free publicity on our authentic shtick.

I'm printing off all the articles for the next few days - - and come March 17th, St. Patrick's Day, the patron saint of Boston, I'm going to Confession, The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and afterwards, I'm going to kneel in front of the Tabernacle, drop these articles on the floor in that Sacred and Holy Ground with a "Here you go" from all of us, put a green carnation at the feet of St. Patrick - and go celebrate what's known here in Boston as "Evacution Day".

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