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Carol M. McKinley

Wednesday, March 01, 2006 :::

Here's the Globe story on it

If the Bishops had staked their claim with the Crucifix over at Our Lady Help of Christians, Fr. Coyne would have been spared the "charity" of the schismatics because they all would have moseyed on along peacefully.

In a statement, the seven board members said they were "deeply troubled" by the bishops' request, and said it "undermines our moral priority of helping vulnerable children find loving homes.

Apparently, gays and lesbians interested in adoption would prefer to leave the children homeless than walk a block down the street to the non-Catholic adoption agencies all over the Commonwealth.

I only have one question - how low of an IQ does one have to have in order to legitimately swallow that spin?

This is sickening:

"The course the Bishops have charted threatens the very essence of our Christian mission. For the sake of the poor we serve, we pray they will reconsider."

For the sake of the poor?

They saying the gays and lesbians who adopt children have something to do with the unemployed and families with low income?

It's exactly what we've been saying all along, these folks have been exploiting the poor - using them as a shtick to gain power and wield it in the public square and with their wallets to falsify the gospel and the authentic Roman Catholic religion.

This was personally, my favorite part:

"We also cannot participate in an effort to pursue legal permission to discriminate against Massachusetts citizens who want to play a part in building strong families," the statement read.

These antiCatholic bigots have been discrminating against mothers and fathers who are determined to raise their children in the authentic faith for decades.

Good riddance.

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