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Thursday, March 02, 2006 :::

Globe story this AM

A friend of mine pointed out his favorite spin:

''threatens the very essence of our Christian mission."

"OUR" Christian mission"

That would be of course contrary to the mission and directions Christ died and left us.

Meade expressed concern that the bishops' position on gay adoptions will alienate Catholics in the state and reduce much-needed donations for the agency's charitable work.

As opposed to the Catholics they have alienated, the people reducing the much-needed donations because the entire operation and Chancery who was taking their counsel wasn't an authentic Catholic shtick.

Meade said he has already heard from some current contributors to Catholic Charities who say they will pull their donations because of the bishops' plan.

...who have been bullying the Bishops until they are spineless by saying they won't give them any money if they don't heed their advice about theology.

''I would like to see the Church continue to provide this service," Romney said. ''I believe religious institutions should be able to carry out their mission of helping people without violating their faith."

Let's simplify this - this isn't about an idea that Romney has - it's about the U.S. Constitution which already gives all of us the authority. All he has to do is hold it up in front of the state house with the Bishops by his side and say Catholics are exempt.

The End.

If the state wants to pull some money - so be it. If they decide they don't want the children placed by Catholics - so be it.

''Ultimately, legislation may need to be filed to provide an exemption based on religious principles," Romney's statement said.


Meanwhile - the journalists are avoiding the question - is Catholic Charities acting in defiance by disobeying the mission set forth by Christ's Church or are they still operating Peter Meade et al mission while our Name is on their mission.

O'Malley and Hehir left the meeting through a side exit, bypassing reporters. O'Malley issued a statement saying he appreciated the chance to meet with the governor and described the meeting as ''a preliminary one."

Fascinating Hehir was there.

Any legal action by the bishops is likely to attract a counterattack from gay organizations, who view the bishops' plan as profoundly offensive, saying it sweepingly casts all gay people as unfit parents.

Gary Buseck, legal director of Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders in Boston, said his organization, which led the legal fight for same-sex marriage, is watching the case very closely and would consider taking action to fight the bishops' plan.

Buseck said he still holds out hope that the bishops will change their minds and allow the status quo to continue.

He's hoping if they threaten like they have for the past 10 years, they'll cave like they have for the past ten years.

They tried to hold it up in the manner they always do. When the Holy See told them what to do, they formed a committee and said they don't take advice from the Holy See anymore, they have committees who tell them what to do. The Holy See sent another directive telling them what the chain of command is. That's why you see what you see happening.

Check this out:

But Edward Saunders -- executive director of the Massachusetts Catholics Conference, which represents the bishops -- has said that church doctrine on the issue of gay adoptions is unequivocal. The document, written in 2003, states that allowing children to be adopted by same-sex couples ''would actually mean doing violence to these children." It ends by saying that gay adoptions are ''gravely immoral and in open contradiction to the principle . . . that the best interests of the child, as the weaker and more vulnerable party, are to be the paramount consideration in every case."

Could the schismatics be out of power?

Great work everyone - - Bill Cotter, Deal Hudson who helped us to break the story of Hehir and Catholic Charities antiCatholic mission, C.J., Mary Jane Davis, V.G., the twelve Pamphlateers, Christefideles, my friends at Faithful Voice and EVERYONE pushing the Christian mission authorized by Christ. Took getting our hands dirty....but we just hit pay day.

We're not done yet - there's more dirt in Catholic Charities that's got to be pried out. Stay tuned - more is about to hit the fan.

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