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Wednesday, March 01, 2006 :::

Globe story on Romney

Governor Mitt Romney signaled new openness yesterday to considering a request by Catholic bishops to ban gay couples from adopting children from Catholic social service agencies, a shift from earlier comments in which he said he had no authority in the matter.

You mean, he had the authority all along and when he said he didn't, he was spinning out BS?

Gee, I guess he has the authority to ban giving out contraception at Catholic Hospitals too then doesn't he.

Then again, that was never the issue.

The issue was that the Bishops were pretending they didn't have the authority to haul on over to Catholic Charities and and every Catholic Hospital in the Commonwealth and execute the directive that no Catholic is to give out emergency contraception or any perform any function that is contrary to our faith - even when the government tries to interfere in the free practice of our religion where a Crucifix represents Roman Catholic territory.

Scram. We're not doing it. That's all that ever had to be said - with a press release distributed taking the stand with a nice God Bless America above where the Bishops sign their names.

''We respect and honor the free practice of religion, and we look forward to meeting with representatives from the Catholic Church to discuss this issue," Romney said through a spokesman.

Good. Then somebody better mention emergency contraception while they're there because the whores can walk a block to CVS if they want to kill and maim their infants.

Romney has the power, he's had it all along.

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