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Carol M. McKinley

Wednesday, March 22, 2006 :::

Globe reports that employees of the Archbishop will continue to advocate, promote and cover up sexual exploitation and abuse but volunteers won't ante up.

In telephone interviews yesterday, Rizzuto and the Rev. John Connolly, who is Archbishop Sean P. O'Malley's special assistant for dealing with the sexual-abuse crisis in the church, said the deficiencies in training resulted from reluctance among the 17,000 volunteers who teach religious education to discuss the subject of touching with children. He also blamed resistance among some priests and directors of education to embark on new programs while a massive consolidation of churches was underway.

Not to mention that fact that the Archdiocese not only has no way to weed out perverts from presenting themselves as teachers of touching, they actually formally collaborate with groups and individuals who work to shuffle children into networks where they'll be sexually exploited and sexually trafficked.

I'm thinking of embarking on a parish by parish freedom trail...starting at St. Joseph's in Kingston who has started Talking about Touching. Start protesting, passing out leaflets at every Mass in front of the parish warning volunteers that we intend to hold them criminally, civilly and personally accountable for any sexual exploitation that results from making this program work in thier parish.

Perhaps I'll call Charles Radin to cover it in the Globe - - see if they're interested.

Anyhoo - it's nice to know that when it comes to standing up for the sexual safety of children - priests and lay people are saying no to the Cardnial.

I guess we have made progress after all?

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