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Saturday, March 11, 2006 :::

From a friend:

I agree ultimately CC probably had to exit the adoption business to solve this problem. But if you read today's Globe article, it sounds like Hehir convinced the Archbishop to back down, rather than pressing the case that we should be allowed to continue our mission unencumbered by state anti-discrimination law. And money clearly entered the picture too. This is the first we learn there was $1M in DSS contracts. I thought the state said that if you want to be in the adoption business at all, you can't discriminate, but this seems a bit different spin. Also, if you read the article by John Haas in this weekend's Pilot, you'll see it all laid out beautiully. Adoption agencies discriminate all the time. Should they place kids in a home with a man and 4 wives? They are always discriminating against someone or some couples to place kids in the home that will be optimal for the kids full development.

So, let's look at the sequence of events:

Globe reveals CC is doing gay adoptions
Committee forms to study things
CC Board secretly votes unanimously to keep doing gay adoptions (Lennon was not present at that meeting)
Leaked news: Bishops say Church must ask for exemption; Board gets pissed
Legislature and Romney say "don't count on us for an exemption"
Official news: Bishops say Church must ask for exemption, but cannot do gay adoptions; 8 Board members resign in protest
O'Malley and Hehir meet with Romney
Romney says, "Maybe I can help you" after all.

Money issue comes out in the press--CC could lose some big donors
CC announces they unanimously agreed to exit the adoption business (no mention of trying for an exemption), and O'Malley agrees, on grounds of religious freedom
Globe reports Hehir said the whole thing became too tough--uphill legislative battle (true), risk of losing $$ and donors, blah blah.

Nowhere does anyone talk about why the Church and society should agree placing kids in homes with a mom and dad for the full breadth of normal development is important, and that's the basis for the teaching. Nowhere does Hehir or CC admit this practice is morally wrong--instead they seem determined that if they can't place a tiny # of kids with gay parents, they'd rather exit the whole frickin' business. Something still smells very wrong to me, though this outcome is probably what needed to happen in the end.

Great observations. Agree. Wholeheartedly.

Truth be told - - if Hehir is slinging it, it's automatically not due to obedience to doctrinal morality. Whatever Hehir does, it stinks.

Making this the front page news in the Globe was a huge exposure on the dissent going on at Catholic Charities...and no matter how much money the Gay and Lesbian Initiatives were giving to Catholic Charities - - lots of prolifers were backing out with their wallets. It was an albatross they needed to get off the front pages of the Globe.

There was a reason why they didn't let reporters into their gala affair at the Boston Harbour Hotel. The twelve pamphlateers stood right in front where all the yo yo's came in - and there just weren't that many cars pulling up to attend the affair. It was all smoke and mirrors with a little help from the Globe and Herald.

You know how many people who were previously unaware of Bryan Hehir's heretical departures from the authentic faith jumped on our ship? Lots. I think they had to turn it before they went under.

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