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Saturday, March 04, 2006 :::

The Flynn/Fr. Altieri debacle

I got the scoop from enough sources now to be confident in stating what is going on - he's pulling a Levada.

Flynn who heads up the "what feels good when you touch it and when to say yes" programs - - is shutting down anyone who has the propensity to not go along to get along with his schismatic dissenting operation and the sexual trafficking of children.

Fr. Altieri is a whistleblower and Flynn is doing what Bishops do when they have a whistleblower on their hands.

This was the main problem kiddos and it still exists all the way down to the pews. Nothing has changed here, even among the ranks of the laity.

There's nothing "obedient" about a priest who goes along to get along with Flynn's cover ups so the USCCB can operate a sexual trafficking program out of "CCD".

That is never what "obedience" was all about. A great deal of time is spent in the seminary trying to get the candidates to accept the concept of "obedience" to the tenets of our religion as some kind of an incorporation of Episcopal idolatry. It's got to go the way of the buffallo. "Obedience" isn't sitting in silence because we are interfering in their shtick to recruit people and priests, children into the hands of immorality and seduction.

Flynn has reportedly used the public excuse that the orthodoxy the priest was preaching negatively impacts the collection baskets.

This is true. The only people who have been putting money into the baskets for the last 15 years are the "Voice of the unFaithful". There will be a temporary lapse when the turnover to authentic Catholicism is made. However, when authentic Catholics start hearing the authentic faith - the pews will be filled and the baskets will be full.

Remember when Christ as a child went to the temple for those three days and Mary and Joseph were frantic looking for Him? When they finally caught up with Him, He said "Did you not know that I would be at My Father's House?" God the Father had not abandoned the temples at that point in time. Still offering the flock, the high priests, the Sanhedrin the opportunity to accept the Truth - the temple was still the dwelling place of God.

But, when the people disowned the Truth, God the Father withdrew his presence from the temple and it was no longer the dwelling place of God. The last thing Christ says to the Jews about the temple they had made into theirs:

"Look, look! there is your temple, forsaken by God" (Matthew 23:28)

These Bishops have destroyed God's Temple and made it into mercinary missions lacking Truth.

We can't follow the Sandhedrin and high priests into the abyss. The vision of Fatima have us all marching up the hill behind John Paul II stepping on the skulls of Bishops and priests who fell for the bait and lost their souls.

The schismatics used to be able to keep whistleblowers out of the seminaries by barring orthodox candidates, finding reasons to eliminate them if they got through the application process, and nurturing a bizarre and twisted ideology that somebody shouldn't stand in the public square and rat on them when they are doing something that is harmful to children and/or the guardianship of our authentic religion. But alas, some are making it through.

If Flynn and his dying breed are successful in keeping us from speaking the truth whether convenient or inconvenient - - there'll be a lot more skulls we'll all be stepping on in our pursuit to follow Christ.

You either follow the distorted vision of the depraved high priests out for their own vision of the temple - or you follow Christ.

Can't have it both ways.

Let's not be confused.

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