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Wednesday, March 15, 2006 :::

Everyone see this piece of garbage?

To be clear, the board's action is not a protest against the church and its teachings, nor is it a protest against the state and its nondiscrimination laws and regulations.

The only thing that's clear about that statement is the lunacy of writing it when we all know that shutting down the adoption agency is a caustic action that says it all.

Throughout the process of discussion, the board maintained an unwavering commitment to the agency's nondiscrimination pledge, as well as an unwavering commitment to the welfare and safety of the children entrusted to the agency.

Why do they characterize a policy that forbades Catholics from finding homes for homeless children as a righteous non-discrimination pledge?

Another spineless press release from Kaneb and Hehir.

Come now, gentleman, let us have the testosterone to admit what's happening to Catholics in the Commonwealth, shall we?

Even Jeff Jacoby at the Boston Globe had the decency to put the facts in print.

For the political agenda driving this affair is the one favored by the Human Rights Campaign and its many allies in the media and state government: the normalization of homosexual adoption. So important is that agenda to its supporters that they will allow nothing to stand in its way -- not even the well-being of children in dire need of safe and loving families. Catholic Charities excels at arranging adoptions for children in foster care, particularly those who are older or handicapped, or who bear the scars of abuse or addiction. Yet the Human Rights Campaign and its friends would rather see this invaluable work come to an end than allow Catholic Charities to decline gay adoptions.

Note well: Catholic Charities made no effort to block same-sex couples from adopting. It asked no one to endorse its belief that homosexual adoption is wrong. It wanted only to go on finding loving parents for troubled children, without having to place any of those children in homes it deemed unsuitable. Gay or lesbian couples seeking to adopt would have remained free to do so through any other agency. In at least one Massachusetts diocese, in fact, the standing Catholic Charities policy had been to refer same-sex couples to other adoption agencies.

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