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Saturday, March 04, 2006 :::


I took a quick look in the Boston Herald and Globe to see if they covered the Women's Conference last night who gathered to hear the authentic Voice of the Faithful - Fr. Corapi, et al - - but I didn't see any coverage.

If anyone actually spends the 50 cents on the papers - - let me know if they covered it, will you?

I don't know anyone who supports the paper by buying copies (and the downward spiral in subscription caused by authentic Catholics of both papers are on the public record)

Fascinating, isn't it?

When a group of leaders gather up heretics to preach their apostacies and a few thousand sit in a convention center to plant a vision into the diocese - - there was national coverage and swarms of reporters and photos, coverage of speakers for years.

But when 9000 people spend two days making it obvious that the flock responds to EWTN and the Catechism - where are the journalists?

Maybe I'm jumping the gun and Margery Egan will cover the new Voice of the Faithful that's in town pulling a counter coup next week?

Perhaps Peter Gelzinis will be present and accounted for and report on the "pillar" of the church?

Did you see his column yesterday?

It was titled "Even church 'pillar' can't abide ban on same-sex adoption"

It was all about their crumbled pillar, Peter Meade.

But Peter Meade is one of those bulkwarks, those Catholics of note and influence, whose devotion has never faltered in the face of withering criticism, some of which, sadly, proved all too justifiable.

Gelzinis goes on to say Meade and the six bulkwarks "could not abide in the Vatican's edict - along with the archdiocese's compliance"

Meade sure slung a lot of bulkwark bul:

"The nuns never taught me to believe that God made junk" Meade was saying yesterday....."Idon't recall them ever telling me that God made second-class citizens"...

That right? Pity the journalist didn't ask what the nuns taught about Herod, Pilate and Judas. Then we'd be getting somewhere.

"When Jesus was dying on the cross, Meade said' he (sic) didn't pick and chose those who would be granted access to the kingdom of heaven. He did not discriminate. So why are we?"

The entire purpose of His Death on the Cross was the mercy of the Sacrament of Confession where those of us who choose truth can be granted access to the kingdom of Heaven by way of confessing our transgressions against the Ten Commandments.

The day of discrimination will classify difference between the first class citizens who will be granted access to the kingdom of heaven by way of the parting on the right - and the second class citizens who part on the left and will be taken to live in perpetuity in Hell.

Keep in mind that this is a man whom AB O'Malley finds such wisdom that he has him planted in every commission and committee in the diocese.

Check out this quote:

Meade understands that his resignation has fallen into a yawning chasm separating Rome and the Archdiocese of Boston.

Even Meade now publicly admits his and the Archbishop's mission.

Archbishop Sean O'Malley's strange journey to Mitt Romney's office notwithstanding, Meade was asked to speculate about where things go from here.

"I truly don't know", he replied. "And I don't think the archdiocese knows either."

The article goes on to say that Meade, "in resigning from Catholic Charities, Peter Meade has not pulled away from the soon to be Sean Cardinal O'Malley. Meade's been a Catholic long en ough to know that when Rome speaks, even a cardinal has few options".

It's clear that it's what I've been saying all along - the schismatic operation that O'Malley, Hehir, Meade, Jack Connors, Mary Jane England, Bertero, Mary Jo Bane, Janet Eisner, Planned Parenthood, Suzin Bartley, Tom Reilly, Call to Action, We are Church, Voice of the Faithful, Larry Kessler, Margaret Roylance, Planned Parenthood, Dorothy Masuret, are trying to put into place is being intervened in by Rome and they are all stymied as where it's going to go from here.

He and the Cardinal elect do not know - but they're sticking together and will ride it out.

Gelezinis apparently called Catholic Charities to find out what will happen to the adoptions currently being planned into homes of gays and lesbians.

Responding on behalf of Catholic Charities last night, Virginia Reynolds gave a truly Stengelese answer: "Catholic Charities intends to fulfill all its social obligations as well as its spiritual obligations". Told those two obligations happen to be in direct conflict, Reynolds simply said "That's what we will try to do".

In other words, they dn't have a clue.

No, they have a clue all right - they're going sling the BS and keep on doing what they're doing while the Bishop runs around in an exercise in futility in a pretense that Romney's hands are tied and the Marian Walsh and Traviglini simply won't advance legislation - so what are they all to do but to keep on keeping on.

That's where they're going - until the hammer falls further when we keep on exposing.

Meade is in a hissy fit because on the public face, it's making a splash too big on the pages of the Globe for him to be in a comfort zone.

Speaking of exposing - Gail Besse has an article in the National Catholic Register that says what Charlie Coudert has been saying all along - the disobedience of placing children into homes that authorize adultery as loving relationships sanctioned by the Church is much higher than Catholic Charities is reporting.

There are other issues with respect to Catholic Charities that are on the back burner, firing up to hit the flames - and it's going to burn right under their feet until Catholic Charities is either let go from the Roman Catholic Church and the name Catholic stripped - - or it's brought into compliance with our religion.

Instead of going over in a publicity stunt to Romney's office - the cardinal elect needs to head over to the Catholic Charities office and give them the directives on "where they're going next".

The Stone that the builders reject will the foundation.

Enjoy your day kiddos!

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