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Saturday, March 11, 2006 :::

Chuck Colbert has an article in the NCR on VOTF

Some poster lady holding a sign reading: "We support priests of integrity gay or straight, Voice of the Faithful".

What does "Gay" and "Straight" have to do with priesthood?

Those are thoughts that they leave in baggage at the front door.

Nobody cares or should care what their sexual thoughts were all about prior to their ordination.

Priests are conduits for the Catechism - that's where the integrity comes in.

Anyoo - Chuck's article is about VOTF's October symposium at B.C.

Members expressed some strong criticisms of church policy. Four out of five respondents, for example, said they “strongly agreed” the hierarchy was out of touch with the lives and experiences of the laity.

Another area of criticism concerned relationships with priests. Nearly half of Voice of the Faithful members in the East, South and West “strongly agreed” with the statement: “Priests expect the laity to be followers,” while it was more than one-third for Midwest and Massachusetts members.

Should we invite Chuck to do an article on the 10,000 Catholics who the media blacked out that are taking over the teachings of the Church in the Commonwealth?

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