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Friday, March 03, 2006 :::

The Boston Herald yesterday was truly delightful.

Virginia Buckingham, Peter Meade, Di Masi, the Editorial, Margery Egan and more, all commenting over the shake up at Catholic Charities. It was almost a complete tabliod dedicated to frothing at the mouth.

My personal favorite, was Margery Egan.

She started off speaking about Mitt Romney's ever changing political spin on abortion and got right down to the nitty gritty:

Here it is: In an apparent attempt to out-right all conservatives hoping to be president, Mitt Romney has now wound up on the side of rapists, pedophiles and historically pedophile friendly Catholic heirarchy, which is still known by legions of my fellow Catholics as the Pedophile Enablers.

There's her spin - prolifers are rapists and pedophiles.

Romney's first assault upon her infringements was to say he'd support an abortion ban in Massachusetts. Then, he had the unmitigated gall to recognize that the coup of tramps whove had hold of our religion for the past two decades are out of power and he's willing to get on board safeguarding the civil rights of Catholics to care for the poor without transgressing our God.

She carried her torch saying that rape victims who wind up pregnant (probably less than 1% of rape victims) would have to carry the child to term.

Tragic and unfortunate - but as I said yesterday - you sometimes can't undo the crimes diabolically committed against another human being. Bad things happen and some of us carry the consequences of it for the rest of our lives. All of us as a community have to band together and help victims of crime get through as best they can. You're never the same, never returns to status quo. What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. That's where you go with it.

It's warped to believe that an abortion will restore the well being of the victim. Though, it makes a lot easier for the community never to mention it again in the pretense that the violence doesn't need intensive pastoral care. It's the community response to their discomfort in dealing with the victim. A pregnant victim would intensify and elongate the community's duty to deal with the emotions, talk about them, let the victim talk about them - - all swept under the rug as quickly as possible when the victim is convinced an abortion is curative of their misfortune.

Makes it hard to talk about the Red Sox and what's on sale at Filenes.

Egan went on to talk about Donna Gittens, Meade, LaCamera - et al -

They acted to protest the Catholic hierarchy (the aforementioned Pedophile Enablers) having the unmitigated gall, given their recent history, to prevent adoption of needy children by gay couples. Hallelujah for the magnificent seven.

But Mitt Romney? He was issuing statements yesterday sympathetic to the Pedeophile Enablers' discrminating against non-pedophile gays.

But one last thing: The Enablers are funding their legal battle over adoption with donations from Cath olic Charities. To keep yours from being dirtied, I suggest you make all future Catholic Charities donations in person and in cash.

Somebody over at Catholic Charities have a special where monies given in cash is unregistered and launderered into an operating fund that pays for things the rest of us would object to? Somebody should check into that.

This isn't about keeping gays from adopting children as gays and lesbians who want to adopt children can go to a non-Catholic agency and I'm certain whoever takes over, DSS will make the professional connections necessary.

This is about antiCatholicism - the annilation of a religion. The attempted suffication by pundits who think we'll refuse to stand in the public square and recruit people to our way of life because we're scared we'll open up the newspaper to find Margery Egan characterizing Catholics as rapists and pedophiles.

Can you imagine Egan running a column painting Moslems who take a stand against abortion as murderers and terrorists?

They're be a lot of commotion in the South End.

As for the Roman Catholic response to her shtick - WHATEVER!

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