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Saturday, March 25, 2006 :::

Another article in the Globe about Romney "supporting" Catholics

Last year, Romney sided with the Catholic church's efforts to resist a law requiring hospitals to offer emergency contraception to rape victims,

Good spin.

although he later backed off.

Which is the part (among other things) that leaves him out of the alliance with prolifers

Not all conservative Catholics in Massachusetts are enamored of Romney. C.J. Doyle, executive director of the Catholic Action League, faulted Romney for not trying to push through a religious exemption administratively rather than filing a bill that will likely fail.

"He can tell evangelicals and pro-lifers around the country that he's fighting for religious freedom, but he knows that there are simply no votes in the Legislature to procure that exemption," he said.

It's a show, a scam, a charade.

Even Dukakis exposed Romney's gig:

Former Governor Dukakis said, "As for Gov. Mitt Romney’s legislation to give Catholic Charities an exemption on religious grounds that would allow them to refuse to work with same-sex couples, Dukakis suggests that it’s unnecessary and that the state’s anti-discrimination statutes do not preclude an exemption for the Catholic organization. “People keep going back to the gay rights bill that I signed, and signed enthusiastically,” he said. “But there’s nothing in there to the best of my knowledge that mandates anything here,” he said. “If it’s a regulation, governors can change regulations if they want to, that’s up to him.” (It seems, however, the one runs the risk of a lawsuit by going that route, as did Dukakis did for his foster care policy in 1985) Furthermore, the former governor is confident that other nonprofit agencies can handle adoptions by same-sex couples.

All Romney has to do is change the regulation.


Nobody here in the Commonwealth that I know of who is prolife supports Romney - for a number of reasons and the facts are, the GOP is well aware of the way we feel about him.

Could be worth pulling the protesters together and making a stink in public square right in front of his offices. Force his hand to change the regulation or leave "supporting Catholics" off his political hubris.

I'll contact the twelve phamphlateers, Christefideles and our political advisors and see what they think.

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