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Saturday, February 18, 2006 :::

What's this hubbub?

BRITAIN'S highest representative at the Vatican, who had been tipped to become a cardinal, has been moved sideways because of his "lifestyle", it was reported yesterday.

Do you really think the pocket of Good Old Boys over at the Vatican pushed this individuals name onto the docket of the consistory?

But yesterday's Repubblica newspaper said the move was a "huge shock, which had cost him the chance of being named a cardinal". It added: "There are voices that he has been moved because of his lifestyle".

The paper did not reveal details, but added: "On these matters, Ratzinger is particularly hard, will not budge and is ready to use tough politics."

See? The paper trails make a difference. Screaming in the public square - when all else fails, makes a difference.

Here's the man's spin:

Yesterday, when asked by Repubblica about suggestions he had been moved over his lifestyle, he refused to comment other than to say: "I haven't read that." He added: "Probably my background in Arabic and Islamic studies is considered useful at this moment for the development of relations with Egypt and the rest of the Islamic world."

Yeah, that's it.

I'm sure Walter's appointment at a college filled with liberal jewish 17 year olds to tell them their genitalia doesn't define their gender and to go ahead and try to be a lesbian because it isn't sinful - because of his wonderful relationship with the Jews in town.

Good one.

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