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Thursday, February 16, 2006 :::

Top of the Morning Kiddos!

Lots of news!

First and foremost - the Bishops' of Massachusetts three month investigation over whether to allow Catholic Charities to be a gay adoption agency has surprisingly agreed to adopt the two recent directives from the Holy See

The outgoing chairman of the board, whose term expired earlier this month, expressed strong opposition to the bishops' plan, saying it would undercut the agency's longstanding mission to provide stable homes for as many needy children as possible.

''This is an unnecessary, unmitigated disaster for children, Catholic Charities, and the Archdiocese of Boston," said Peter Meade, who remains a board member.

The Bishops hired Ropes and Gray to ask the state for the exemption.

The bishops have not decided how to seek the exemption, the board members said. But the options include asking Governor Mitt Romney for an executive order, seeking court approval on grounds of First Amendment protections for religious groups, or seeking passage of a measure in the Legislature exempting them from the discrimination provision.

Check this out:

Edward Saunders Jr. -- executive director of the Massachusetts Catholic Conference, the public policy office for the bishops in the state -- said he cannot comment on the bishops' views on gay adoptions, other than to say the topic remains part of ''ongoing serious consideration."

Quite the group of wizards.

To be fair - it wasn't a complete wash:

In a prepared statement yesterday, he said that while the bishops want to maintain the ''good work" that Catholic Charities does in the area of adoption, they must also deal with ''substantial first amendment issues that arise from any government regulations which force Catholic social service agencies to provide services that conflict with church doctrine."

If they ever get to the point of firing the people at the Chancery who provide services that conflict with church doctrine - somebody will take them seriously.

If an agency knowingly discriminates, it could be stripped of its license to broker all adoptions.


Among the four dioceses in Massachusetts, only Catholic Charities of Boston appears to be involved in gay adoptions. An official with Catholic Charities in Worcester said last fall that the agency refers any gay or lesbian applicants to other adoption agencies, a practice that state officials said violates state laws and would be investigated. A spokesman with the Diocese of Fall River said its adoption program has not handled any such adoptions because it never had a gay applicant.

Of course not - our applicants are being recruited on behalf of Bishop O'Malley by the folks he picks to put into positions of leadership.

Come now - let's have the decency to be in the light.

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