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Sunday, February 12, 2006 :::

This is a must read

The subject of laying on of hands came up a few times in the past month or so with several of our good priests.

Once, during the discourse of some conversation - I was relating to one priest about my sitting down with a Bishop once in my early Church militant days and just innocently explaining to him the reasons why I thought something going on around town was of diabolical origin.

Those of you know me well (met me other than reading this bloggeroo) can imagine well that conversation - I just starting showing the paper trails and explaining some of the logic (or conduct of the poor folks involved) which is too bizarre to be mortal - and labeling it for what it is...assuming, and presuming - the Bishop was on the up and up and believed in the Creed he says every day.

I could see the Bishops eyes popping out of his head like he didn't know what to think so I stopped the conversation and said "You know that part of the Creed you say every day that talks about the "seen and the unseen" - you know it's real, correct? You know that our entire sthick is about the two forces that drive that unseen world, please tell me you do?"

The Bishop said yes - but I walked away unsure.

The priest I was relating this story to, said I know that Bishop and I know he believes. We see a lot of people who talk about this kind of stuff and it's discernment. When people start talking to me about that stuff, I say to myself, this person is nuts - until I know better, doesn't mean I don't believe but it takes a while to know, to be certain that the person talking about it is mentally balanced and gifted with a spiritual depth of field, awareness or whether they are kooks. I had to get to know you first..

Hmm...I thought to myself. He's right, I suppose. I know other priests have said the same thing.

Another priest, Fr. Mike McNamara - who has charismatic gifts of healing, I saw recently at the Planned Parenthood/Massachusetts Legislature hearing on sex ed. I was venting about Walter et al and the situation at Our Lady Help of Christians and talking about the spiritual, the diabolical forces at work there, and how Rosa Buffoone is bringing in the forces (though not the sole source) by laying on of hands and delivering the "Reiki god" to the poor suckers who let her.

"Ugh", he said "That's real stuff, I don't let just anyone lay their hands on me because I want to know what it is they are delivering, I don't need any more spriitual warfare than I have on my hands and they can do more damage than good"

"Brother, you said it". I said.

I went on to describe how I called Bishop Edyvean in a huff one day about Rosa Buffoone who had scheduled a Reiki god laying of hands at Our Lady Help of Christians. It was when O'Malley first got here.

I was hopping mad and I wanted that thing stopped and I asked BP Edyveaan to help.

He didn't know what it was until I explained it to him. He asked me to send over information about what it was and he would call me back. I sent him info on how the "masters" are actually delivered the diabolical spiritual principalities and powers - and how they deliver it to others - how it mocks the deliverance of Jesus Christ's Holy Spirit with people who have such gifts legitimately - and how the victim of those spirits are then counseled by them when they go home - how they make bad choices, how they spirits take over and invade - - etc.

He called me back. He was onto it, but I'm sure he was reserving judgment on whether I was in the truth or a nutcase.

"We have to be careful", he said, "we don't want to insult Chinese people as this is part of their culture".

"What?" I said, "Listen, this is no more part of authentic culture than the gypsies who talk to the dead are a part of ours. It's a gig and it's diabolical. The last thing we need at Walter's place is more of the diabolical being delivered inside of that parish and that community. I think there's enough there, wouldn't you agree? This has to be stopped."

Needless to say - and I do know he attempted to - the shepherd of the diocese above him gave it the go ahead and there was nothing he could do.

I sent over to the Chancery a personal written invitation to both Bp. O'Malley and Bp. Lennon telling them I have donor who will pay to have the Reiki god delivered to them since they think it's a healthy thing to do to their children. Told them I'd send a limo.

How dare they feed this to the flock while they hold themselves apart from it and parade themselves as holy men. They are vipers who keep what is holy for themselves.

"The church is to blame for failing to embrace, recognize, and allow exorcisms to take place," said Mr. Larson, ordained by a nondenominational Christian church.

He's right about that - and I'm sure Christ has had to turn to lay people in the abandonment of his priests and Bishops. But you best know who is laying hands on you...and quite frankly, I stick to the Sacraments and priests.

The Rev. James Bacik, Catholic theologian and pastor of Toledo's Corpus Christi University Parish, said "the biblical background for exorcism is Jesus, who functions as an exorcist, especially in the Gospel of Mark where he casts out unclean spirits and liberates people from the domination of demonic forces."

Yes, it does - and if only the priests would use them. The Confessional can drive out 50,000 or more in a few hours - and once that soul runs to the Blessed Sacrament and fills their mortal tabernacle with the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ - and keeps in a state of Grace - it's potency can't be matched against a lay person putting their hands on you. If something is on your back - and you need a priest beyond that because you are under seige - - they're out there and they are legitimate.

The role of a priest, is the same role as Christ. Christ encountered people who were sick, disturbed - and he first looked to see whether that person's malady was being caused by something physical or something spiritual - and then he cured it. Priests are not doing that, most of them. They travel with circuses and side shows - dance all jigged up, holding hands singing - but they leave out the Sacrament of Confession. They leave out the homilies which tell the people in the pews whether the actions they are taking are sins or virtues which drive the people into Confession.

That's what been missing here and it's been missing for a long, long time.

Mr. Larson said the influence of demons varies according to location, with some parts of the United States and certain countries having more demonic activity than others.

This guy sounds like he's on the up and up.

I've been saying for several months - that we should get somebody from Rome to come and clean the city....but I don't think it's time yet. Not until O'Malley moves on.

The problem with cleaning demons out - - is that once they are out - - the area/individuals have two choices. They fill that void with Jesus Christ in all His authentic power - - or they don't - - and when they don't - - the demonic goes back and gets ten more to re-invade where they just vacated.

We're better off limiting it to Rosa Buffoone.

The way to clean out Our Lady Help of Christians, is the same way I've been telling the Buffoons for years.

Exorcise the building - bring in a legitimate exorcist. Get a bus, bring in the seminarians who are in the truth to sit in vigil in front of the Blessed Sacrament. Disband Rosa Buffoone, Larry Kessler and his ilk. Start homilizing the Truth from the pulpit. As soon as the Truth about what actions are virtues and what actions are sins is proclaimed - the powers will leave in droves.

God Bless their hosts - and we pray for their release of their intellect from teh counsel of the demonic - but it is what it is....and nothing short of it is going to free Our Lady Help of Christians.

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