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Saturday, February 11, 2006 :::

School system apologizes, to alter harassment policy

Makes you all warm and fuzzy all over doesn't it.

One day after the Brockton school system apologized for suspending a 6-year-old boy for sexual harassment, the boy's parents hired a lawyer to investigate the school system's handling of the matter, the family's lawyer said yesterday.

Good. Nevermind the apology and a charade about altering their "policy", everyone involved needs to be fired.

Nembirkow said in an interview that the incident never should have been labeled sexual harassment or have been referred to the Plymouth district attorney's office, which did not consider the incident a crime.

Thanks be to Christ this didn't happen under the guardianship of the Archbishop of Boston, that's all I can say. That child would have been maimed for life.

I can just see it now...They would have sent their whack jobs out to the scene, taped it off, done and investigation and found a mother who is protecting the innocence of her child from secular sex television shows and silly slutty women who want to teach the world their skills before they depart from this world. Rizzutto would run back to the Bishop and tell him the child was probably calling his private part "peepee"....and they'd send Margaret Roylance and Larry Kessler et al to the rescue. The Archbishop would throw another parish up for sale and give the girl who had her waistband pulled the proceeds while Donilon and the baseball guy issued a press release saying the perp has been handed over to the authorities and they apologize profusely for the crimes.

Christ was merciful.

''The first priority of the parents has been to restore the child to his world as a 6-year-old," Pavlos said by phone. ''I think now some of the attention and concerns of the parents are what actually happened at the school. It was certainly an inappropriate response to the behavior of a 6-year-old."

Dorinvil said that her son, an only child who has been raised in the conservative moral tradition of Haitian evangelicalism, denied touching the girl on her skin. She said he told her that he touched her on the back, over her clothes, after she touched him first.

Nembirkow said he could not discuss details of the case.

Pavlos said the Dorinvils feel that their son has been mentally and emotionally injured, but have not decided whether to file a lawsuit. First, he said, the family wants to know how the school staff treated their son during the incident. Pavlos said he intends to ask the school system more questions next week.


Call me intuitive...but me thinks the diocescan team actually was involved in counseling the school on how to proceed with the other male children in the school:

Brockton will add ''inappropriate touching" to the form, so teachers and principals can check that instead of ''sexual harassment," depending on the incident, he said. All discipline will be reviewed by an administrator before referral to an outside agency, such as police or the district attorney.


Yes, kiddos - the fix is in. Next time, they'll check a different box and call in the Touching experts.

Can you imagine this woman if she ever got a load of the sexually violent stories the Archbishop and his lackeys are telling kindergartners in response to their refusal to investigate what kind of ideas about sex are inside of the heads of people they recruit?

Lord, let us live to see the day when one woman stands up to them and the whole thing will be exposed for what it is. Amen.

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