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Saturday, February 04, 2006 :::

Rep. John Boehner sent the following letter to the House Republican Value
Action Team -- a family issues caucus in the House -- today:

January 17, 2006

Dear Colleague:

Since launching my campaign for Majority Leader days ago, I've had
conversations with our colleagues on a wide range of issues and subjects.
One thing that has touched me during this process is the commitment many of
our members have to protecting the lives of the unborn and ensuring that our
nation's laws reflect a belief in the sanctity of life. I write to you
today simply for the purpose of reaffirming, proudly, that I share this
commitment - completely, totally, and without equivocation. It is a
commitment I have felt deeply throughout my life, and a commitment I will
uphold unapologetically if and when I am chosen to be your next Majority

As a lifelong Roman Catholic and brother to 11 siblings, I believe, and
have always believed, that life begins at conception. This is not a
political position I've adopted for the sake of expedience or convenience;
it is part of who I am and have always been, since long before the thought
of running for office had ever entered my mind. It is a belief I feel
passionately from deep within my soul.

My respect for the sanctity of life undoubtedly came, in large part, from
the example set for me and my siblings by my parents. It certainly wasn't
convenient for my mother to give birth to 12 children during her life. Nor
was it easy for my father and mother to spend more than a decade of their
adult years raising small children, and making the endless sacrifices that
parenthood entails. My parents always embraced life in spite of these
challenges, setting an example that has defined what I believe. Their
sacrifices are etched upon my soul.

My voting record is consistent with what I believe. If you check the
National Right to Life Committee website, I have a 100% voting record on
pro-life issues dating back as far as the website goes. If I am elected as
your Majority Leader, my voting record will not change.

On other issues, I have occasionally voted for bills that I have viewed as
imperfect products, because I've tried to maintain the perspective that,
while not perfect, the result will be an improvement over the status quo.
When Congress considers any legislation that condones the destruction of
innocent human life, however, I refuse to compromise. I have always voted
to protect the rights of unborn children, and as long as I am an elected
official, I will continue to do so.

The late Pope John Paul II famously said "the cemetery of the victims of
human cruelty in our century is extended to include yet another vast
cemetery, that of the unborn." As a Catholic, pro-life legislator, I
believe I have a moral responsibility to fight for that which the late Pope
fought, and to oppose any legislation that would result in new graves being
added to the "cemetery" of which John Paul II so eloquently spoke.

I would be humbled by the opportunity to serve as your Majority Leader,
and to work with you in that capacity to safeguard the lives of unborn
children in our nation and across the world.


John Boehner

Thanks to Lori for passing this along.

If the Republicans want to court us to outlaw the murder and decapitation of McFadden's partisan party - we'll get on the bus.

You'll find no bus in any partisan movement using pro Infantcide cartoon characters driving a bus.

Poor McFadden. How any individual could be stupid enough to know God is sede vacante in your politcal movement and is working with the opposing side, and still work against Him, is fascinating.

Poor slobs.

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