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Friday, February 17, 2006 :::

Plan away fools

Can't you just see them?

Sitting around scratching their heads wondering what they're going to do (instead of telling Catholic Charities to shut down their adoption agency and operating according to our religion.)

Some Einstein says..."I got an idea!! Let's ask the Commonwealth to exempt us!!"

YES!! That's the answer - let's spend money on lawyers who'll ask Traviglini and Flaherty and Marian Walsh and Wolf to give us an opt out!!

Talk about an excercise in futility. Don't they remember what happened when they tried to show them the laws regarding contraception?

Why, in the name of Christ - don't they simply send a notice over to Catholic Charities saying you're out of the adoption business. It was cost us 39 cents and it would be over.

As asinine as it is - this made me laugh out loud:

The bishops' plans are at odds with the 42-member board of Catholic Charities of Boston, which voted unanimously in December to continue the practice of allowing gays to adopt.

Yesterday, representatives of the archdiocese and Catholic Charities said the funds to pay the Boston firm, Ropes & Gray, to prepare a legal strategy for the exemption were coming from the budget of Catholic Charities of Boston. Some board members expressed surprise, and dismay, that the agency's funds were being used for that purpose. The members serve three-year terms and at the pleasure of Archbishop Sean P. O'Malley, several members said.

It's coming out of the pockets of Catholic Charities.


''I'm shocked," said Donna DePrisco, a board member. ''I find it hard to believe."

One board member, who asked to remain nameless, said the bishops' plans has angered many on the board. The board member said some on the panel may consider resigning if the bishops persist with the plan.

The Legislature says they have to, the Board says they will quit if they don't let them. Whatever will the wimps do?

They have another idea:

The bishops may also consider going to court to fight the requirement that they adhere to the state's antidiscrimination policy, on First Amendment grounds protecting religious freedom.

Let Margaret Marshall decide!

This is a show for the Holy See, in my humble opinion. When push comes to shove - they'll adopt Bryan Hehir's shtick and say the state made them - and disband.

Onward will march the holy men to kiss the Bishops arses.

Holy, holy!

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